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  • Hi,

    Tried searching for this but couldn’t find any answers…

    I just tried to add an image to one of my gallery pages and it definitely appears there, but not like the other photos. Almost like it’s in a post, instead of as part of a gallery.

    Looking at the editor I don’t even see this image anywhere, so I don’t even have a way of deleting it. Even if I delete the whole gallery, the image still appears there.

    Not sure what to do, would love some help. I’m new to WordPress and as a photographer/film artist, this is pretty annoying but it might be something that I’m doing wrong.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Also, you can find the page in question at:

    And the image at the bottom is the problematic one.

    ‘Picture file insert to WordPress page’
    Having difficulty loading picture files on to WordPress page
    Using the library, I upload the picture files onto the library in WordPress then select the pic file and clk insert to page, hoping the pic file inserts into the text window on the edit page.
    This has worked for me in the past but it ceased to function.
    I started a fresh reloaded WordPress and Installed a new theme

    The helpful host support inserted a photo thus;
    I’ve done this by going to posts, and then all posts.
    From there I’ve edited the post of “Trails To Hike”
    and used the “add media” option towards the top of the page.
    (7:55 pm) [Ian]: So you edit post not edit page?

    But I cannot even do that, besides that method only gives me access to the my first post on the front page.

    Finally found a solution.
    I was using google chrome, with little hope I tried my old laptop.
    I could insert all my photos, no problems, internet explorer (old version) worked fine. Back to my desktop, yes wordpress worked fine on internet explorer.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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