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  • Hello All,

    I am a noob and I started to use Wp mainly to create my photowebsite
    my address
    i need to know how to create and post gallery of pics in my homepage
    my portofolio will be basicly showed in the home page, with 2 or 3 gallery
    I downloaded and install nextgen gallery and i am trying to understand:
    1. what theme should be working with thast gallery
    2. how post the gallery in home page?
    3. how the item portfolio works. what consists, this? is the same ofgallery? i have the portfolio option in my admin page

    Sorry i dont really know the philosophy of WP yet: anybody has some clue?
    DO i have to posdt some code, or example? or give further details?
    or post screenshot?
    thanks and..
    sorry if lack of information

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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    If you are using Next Gen gallery, you can create your galleries by naming them and adding images.
    Once you’ve created them, you can then create your pages, and just add the corresponding gallery to that page.

    So if you wanted 3 galleries, you would create the three galleries and then make your 3 pages. Once you’ve created your galleries, Next gen gives you a shortcode to add to your page. That will embed the gallery on that page.

    You can use any theme to use next gen gallery.

    Good luck.

    Hi christine.
    I really appreciated your help,. thank u
    I Do have created a gallery and I wish to post the icon of the gallery (that open the page of the gallery itself) in the home page.
    Than i followed your suggestion and create a single page for each gallery
    butt he thing is that i dont see the link of that page in the home page
    i am usinge LITE theme and as u see it does not show the link to the page
    differently from the other themes ..that show it.
    Sorry if asking but i am really a bit lost there is a way to show the link of the page gallery i created in the home page?

    I try to add a gallery in a page, also as portfolio item
    in both ways the thumb are excessively big and fit the page, so they are at low resolution and are unwatchable.
    There is a way to show them in a small size, listed on a gallery ?
    Unfortunately “Customize thumb” does not work in my account. Dont know why. Pop up a windows with notghing inside when click on “customize thumb
    thanks in avance

    Sorry I meant “Edit Thumb”.

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