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  • I was wondering if its possible to add an option to the plugin that would let you remove the link all together?

    Now that I can display the full size image by default, I don’t really need a link back to the “original” picture.

    BTW – This Gallery Plugin is great! It uses the wp gallery option and makes it very quick and easy to upload multiple pictures into a post. You don’t have to individually select images if you want to use the “FULL” size picture.

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  • Not sure if my question is clear but just for some clarification.

    My goal is to upload multiple images at one, 10 images (All of the images will have already been appropriately “Full Size”.

    Then using the “click and drag” option in the gallery, all my photos will have been correctly ordered and the only thing I need to do next is hit “Insert Gallery into post”. Which will give me the shortcode [gallery].

    The images are all full size so the links back and redundant.

    I think I understand; the Gallery will just show the images, with no link to go to the image as a post, or to launch lightbox. I’ll take a look and see what I can do.



    Is there any information on this feature? I would also like to remove any link to other pages/images in my gallery when using the shortcode. Currently I am given the option of either choosing a link to the file itself or an attcahment page — I want neither! 🙂



    Ah, wait it does have this feature now in the latest version! Tks 🙂

    However, a 4th option to also link not only to an attcahment page, the file itsel;f or no link would be to link to some sort of external link. For example, I have an image but want to link to Yahoo’s website, etc.


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