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  • gday, ive looked and looked for a wordpress gallery plugin that allows me to use links to a picture hosted on (for example) photobucket, just as if it were hosted on my own server.

    i wish to do this to save bandwidth. I currently use nextGen gallery which i quite like, perhaps it is possible to modify that or some toher plugin to accept an URL?

    thanks for any help you can give.

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  • Can you elaborate? You can always insert images at photobucket in your blog posts/pages. Can’t you?

    yes, this is true, however. I would like to use photobucket as only a place where i store images and to load from (to save bandwidth). NOT as part of my blog content itself (ie i dont want a link on my blog that points to a particular gallery on photobucket).

    i would prefer a gallery plugin to allow images to be referenced that are not stored on the local machine. (gallery plugins ive seen so far have had “upload” to server options only.

    Then you might want to look at various Flickr plugins. Do a search at and in Google for flickr wordpress and I am sure you’ll find ways to display your flickr photo album in your WordPress blog.

    looked for around 30 minutes. Found some plugins that would do what i wanted if i were with flickr. I would prefer not to have to do this.

    unfortunately, these types of plugins are restrictive in that they seem to service only ONE image hosting service. (by far though flickr seems to have had more creativity in this area).

    all i need is something that will display thumbnail of the picture, click the thumbnail and the full-sized image is displayed. keeping the user on my site while saving myself bandwidth.

    There’s one possible solution for you. You can create a page using a new page template and use iframe to embed your photo gallery.

    An example is here, but in this case it’s embedding an Amazon store.

    If you need instructions on how to do this, let me know.

    What you linked is pretty good.

    So long as it is all transparent and I can keep photobucket seperate from the blog, I will be very happy.

    If you would be able to provide instructions, that would be a great help. I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to do it by myself otherwise.

    EDIT: if it is capable of grabbing or adding the caption/description of the image it would make it perfect.

    The ‘new page template-iframe’ solution means that you are literally viewing the other web page inside your WordPress. There could be horizontal and vertical scrollbars depending on your theme’s content width.

    Here’s a guide I followed for embedding the Amazon store:


    probably not an optimum solution.

    if it is possible to refer directly to in images description on photobucket (ie make a call in php to grab it), then i would be able to create many thumbnails at a time from facebook and use the name of the image uploaded to grab the meta-data.

    from this, i should be able to do exactly what i want to do.

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