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    Hi Bestwebsoft,

    Gallery plugin is such an awesome plugin. But i have some issue and need help with it.

    Gallery plugin conflicting with Appointment Calendar Plugin in admin dashboard.

    When we activate Gallery plugin, then firebug console detect 2 errors and these 2 error prevent calendar js not work. and big calendar in admin dashboard disappeared.

    check snap here

    When I tried this:

    1. Comment line no 1113 in file gellery-plugin.php

    //wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery-ui-sortable' );

    This hide 1st error e is undefined in console.

    2. And comment some of js code in action gllr_add_admin_script

    /*$( '#Upload-File .gallery' ).sortable({
    	stop: function(event, ui) {
    		var g=$('#Upload-File .gallery').sortable('toArray');
    		var f=g.length;
    		$.each(		g,
    			function( k,l ){
    					var j=d?(f-k):(1+k);

    Then it resolved 2nd error $("#Upload-File .gallery").sortable is not a function

    But this is not a correct way to resolve this issue, both js files has some error. I need your help to resolve this issue in correct way.

    Thanks & Kind Regards
    Frank Faraz

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  • Plugin Author bestwebsoft


    Hello FRANK FARAZ,

    The plugin Appointment Calendar is using the custonm files instead of js file of WordPress. Respectively, the plugin which works with js files of WordPress (as it is specified in WordPress codex), can’t work correctly.
    The file appointment-calendar.php has 107-113 lines:

    The custom script jQuery ( /*! jQuery v1.7.1 | */ ) is connected there.

    If you change these lines to the lines:

    Then errors will not appear.

    Kind regards,
    Support Team

    Hello Frank Faraz and BestWebsoft,

    I’ve tried the last sollution, and it works partially.
    The Appointment Calendar now shows correctly in WP admin, but there’s still a big problem with this solution.
    The datepicker won’t show anymore! So I can’t pick any date if I schedule a new appointment.
    Is there any solution for this??

    Kind regards,

    Stefan Harmsen | Webmonk

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