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    Hi, First of all, I’d like to thank you for your excellent work on the plug-ins. They are great!

    I’m using the “Coaching Staff” plug-in (and team roster and game schedule…) for my team website. On the coaches gallery page, when I add a featured picture, there’s broken HTML tags showing up after the coach’s name, something like ” width=”200″ height=”200″ />. The coaches without picture, or if I remove the picture, everything goes back to normal.

    Is this a bug? Any workaround?

    You can view my coach’s page at this URL:

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  • Plugin Author Mark O’Donnell


    Hi bogeyorpar,
    Thanks again for the link. Very helpful. It appears to me that something is going on with the site’s image gallery that the plugin is not handling quite right. Here are some ideas (guesses):

    If you go to, which I picked off the coach’s image link, you get something that looks much better. Where’s this link coming from? Perhaps you imported some images, THEN changed your permalink to postname?

    Also, where is the “width=200 height=200” coming from? First, it should be “width=200px height=200px” Did you change the image height and width in the plugin? Or did you perhaps import the image in some strange thumbnail size? For the purposes of the plugin, you should import the images as full-size.

    You might try re-importing the image as full size and cleaning up all the associated meta-data in the image library, just as a test to gather some more info.

    Let me know.


    the “width … height…” are definitely from the settings. Now I changed them to 150, 150 in the settings, and the broken html text also changes to “width=150, heigh=150”. I tried to set the width height to 200px, but same thing would happen.

    Another piece of information: the team roster pictures, which are using the same resolution, look fine. Are you using similar template and CSS for both?

    Plugin Author Mark O’Donnell


    Excellent. Thanks for the help.

    First, there’s a bug with the width and height which (a) omit the ‘px‘, and (b) are being hard-wired in-line, rather than using CSS directives. These issues have been corrected in the upcoming release of Team Rosters, and will be corrected in Coaching Staffs eventually.

    Second, I believe something is going on with the Media Library, the theme, or some other plugins. BECAUSE, if you inspect the photo, you find an alt tag that looks like

    Well, I can’t get it to display right in this forum software because it’s so ill-defined and broken, so you’ll have to take a look in your browser’s inspector. Then compare it with the MSTW Dev Site.

    All the quotes are messed up, as are the anchors. The plugin is not adding these alt, title and rel args, but they are causing the results you are seeing on your display.

    So I suggest you change themes to a ‘standard’ WordPress theme – say Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve (which I test with) and see if anything is corrected. Delete Frank’s photo his post and the media library and re-load it in a ‘standard’ theme. (Yes, themes can mess with post ‘thumbnails’.)

    If not, deactive ALL your plugins and see if anything is corrected. Delete and re-load the photo again. (Yes, plugins can mess with post ‘thumbnails’.) If so, you can activate them one by one until you identify the conflict.

    Let me know what you find out. Appreciate the help.


    Yes, the Alt tag looks messed up. Who generate the alt tag and how can I change it?

    If you look at the Roster page, the player’s photos are generate correctly, for example:

    <img width="200" height="200" alt="Photo of Ryan Kelley" src="">

    However, the coach’s photos are messed up:

    <img title="Permalink to Frank Lawhead" alt="Photo of

    How do I make the coach’s img link exactly the same as the player’s?

    OK, I updated the theme to its latest version and the problem is gone. So it is a bug in the theme! Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author Mark O’Donnell



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