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  • Hello, I’ve been playing around with the native gallery, and I can’t seem to find solutions to these two problems.

    1) Is it possible to search for images in the main search? I gather it may be a difficult thing to do, and have tried plugins which supposedly search for attachments, but I didn’t have much luck.

    2) How could I split a gallery into more than one page, with out manually setting up different galleries?
    I stumbled upon this trac on but it was closed due to lack of community interest..

    Any help please? Anyone? ..hello? 🙁

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    1. Not with a plugin – although you might be able to search for text associated with images (captions etc).

    2. You can’t split a single native gallery over multiple pages.

    In reply to grumbirky Q 1.
    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has this problem. Why is searching the image gallery possible for Google (who’s indexing the native image gallery much better then my Nextgen gallery) but the internal wordpress search engine can’t seem to find anything (and I mean anything) in the WordPress Gallery? Maybe there is a hack for the Image.php or the search.php file that makes this work? Why is it difficult to search attachments? I don’t get it. Anyone???

    Hi, I am a full-time wordpress plugin developer and I am thinking of writing a plugin to solve these problems (gallery pagination and image search plus some other features like auto lightbox if required and gallery shortcode button in TinyMCE). Do you think that this is a commercially viable plug-in (ie would you be willing to pay a small price $10 – $20 for this plug-in?).

    I appreciate the amazing work of and plugin developers who offer their co0de for free but we all have to make a living and this is my way of doing it. So if there’s and interest I will develop it.

    Regards to all,

    Hi Markol,

    I think for all the time I’ve spent setting up these galleries, I would have much preferred to spend $20 to get it up and running quicker.

    I managed to split the native gallery over pages by using the <–nextpage–> tag, and multiple gallery codes and the ‘include’ attribute. Not ideal.

    I’d be happy paying for a plugin that would sort out pagination, search, and a lightbox slideshow option (like you get in Flickr).
    Please do it. Go on.


    Pagination for the native gallery is so necessary. I’d pay for it, and I’m sure my office would, too. Let us know if/when you have something.

    Any solution for image.php pagination?


    Did any of this actual happened? The paid plugin etc?

    I found this thread while looking up the subject. I need a way to paginate native galleries–much more manageable load times. Les us know!

    Hi all,
    I am happy to announce that my plugin is available for FREE download at

    This plugin automatically paginates the built-in wordpress gallery. I have added a Tiny MCE editor button also for adding the gallery shortcode to your pages and posts.

    I have tested this on WordPress 3+ so I don’t make any claims about it working on other platforms.

    Please leave comments on the download page.

    If you find this useful please tweet about it and share it online.


    Can we see any examples? Is the plugin in the WP directory? Thanks in advance for you work!


    It’s not in repository yet, I want to add a couple of Admin menu options.
    A frontend example can be seen at This shows the paginated gallery and happens automatically when you activate the plugin.


    Reply us when the plugin is already in the WP directory buddy… 🙂

    Tried to install it and got an error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /WWW/ on line 10

    I have a jQuery Lightbox plugin installed as well that makes use of the native gallery, not sure if there will be a conflict, but this error seems more like a bad tag structure.

    I haven’t made a plugin for this. But changing a few files and adding a little jQuery can do this.

    Would work fine for personal sites. If your interested I can post something up? Would only take a few minutes.

    Hi jordaniversen,

    Sorry bout that, I added a GNU licence snippet to the page after testing and used duplicate php tags.

    Removed now and file can be downloaded again from

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