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  • I’m still testing my site and just trying to get the basic running before I muck around with custom themes.

    I’ve been having several issues with default gallery behavior. Most recently I create a gallery with 5 specific images. When I view the page, only those correct 5 display. When I view the media library only those 5 images are correctly attached to the applicable page.

    However when I click on one of the images (from within the page) and cycle through the gallery, it somehow adds a 6th image. WTF?

    I’ve deleted and recreated the gallery. I’ve even deleted and re-uploaded the problem image. But the gallery still “magically” pulls that image into the gallery when it is NOT included in the list.

    Here is the gallery as I’m testing it right now.

    I’ve also run into other problems with the “gallery” function (from within a Post) where one gallery would seamlessly cycle into other images or the thumbnails wouldn’t link to anything at all once clicked. But for now I’d like to figure out the immediate problem above 🙂

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  • I see what your talking about. Are you sure that the ‘stray’ image has not been (at one time or another) attached to this post?
    Have you removed that image from the server?
    If you do that, does a stray image (but a different one) show up?
    Have you deleted the post and started fresh?

    I am taken to an attachment page when I click the image link.
    This attachment page has a next button, clicking through does take me to image five, then to image six. The previous next buttons in this case is in reference to the post type of attachment, not specific to the gallery.

    So, this works as expected.
    If you want the attachment page to only display next and previous for the images attached to that post, you will need to edit your attachments.php file in your theme.

    You might just go for a lightbox pop over for viewing the images at a larger scale.

    Daiv, if you’re right then how come the navigation of the attachment page is only limited to the 6 images and not everything within the library (currently around 12 images)?

    I also noticed that when clicking next/previous it cycles through the images by file name, not but their order in the gallery (also illustrated here. Is this “normal” as well?

    Perhaps the default gallery behavior is too limited for what I need, after all this is going to be a portfolio featuring a lot of artwork and media. Maybe there are recommendations for a good gallery plugin that may work with a fair number of themes?

    I use the Photospace plugin, but it is a simple plugin without a lot of bells and whistles. There are many portfolio plugins as well as themes that feature portfolios.. do a search.
    BTW, love your art work!

    Thanks Dragon, I appreciate that. You can see more stuff at the “old” site if you want (
    I’ll explore the plugin to and see what all is out there, but it sounds like the problem I was having is just a sort of, “feature” for how WP’s default gallery function.

    Although I’m still open to more input on that.

    Interestingly, I created a brand new PAGE with the same 5 images from scratch. Same issue with them pulling up that 6th image (10.jpg)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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