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  • hello,

    the plugins works till 99 % the only problem i have and wonder about is that when i want to switch to next page in the gallery it goes to next gallery.

    when i have art gallery and i made the top button not able to clkick at coz im using 4 gallery under each other sop i have installed them under the art gallery as;


    when you go to art and decide to open a picture, i see all 51 picture belong to page 1, weird coz what i like to see is only the 30 picture belong to the art album. and if i click on page 2 in art im kicked down to next album sculpture. and thats not right i should stay on art album not need to scroll up to it, it will be confusing for visitors this. besides why show 51 picture in page 1 and then in page 2 show the main of totally 77 picture that is added, 26 images.

    i belive this is just a small setting somewhere to fix but i cant find it and hope someone here can explain to me in a guiding way.

    im using latest nextgen version, no plugins that coz conflict, latest php uptodate w my hosting… so thats not the problem, i think its just a small thing i missed somewhere.

    to explain what i mean, have a look on this site and get an idea how to solve my error.


    go to the art gallery and go to art click on 1 image u see 51 picture
    then close it and go below to page 2 on art and you will be redirected to sculpture but page 2.

    thanks in advance

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  • i did a little changing in manage album, i put all gallery under art gallery album name when switch to page 2, i come to another page with white background and not staying at the main page, so what im seeing is not next gallery under the one i was visit, i see contact page and i have leave the scroll page.

    how to stay in scroll but still just be on art photos and page 2, thats my new questian…

    while we waiting for replies…

    how to make black background on page 2 that im directed to; is that in the plugin or at the wp theme edit?

    if so where what string should i look for

    but best if that page 2 can stay at page scrol as u see all galleries at first, why does it need to leave and this abt showing all 51 images (all categories) is abit wrong too… how to fix that so its only show the galleries images…

    pls help me solve this matter

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @media2u – You are using the “Lightbox” effect which displays all of the images on the page no matter what gallery they are in (and there are 51 images on that page). This is just how that standard Lightbox Effects library works … if you chose a different Lightbox you would see a different result.

    To just move between pages of a specific Thumbnail display turn on Ajax Pagination for that display and it should only move those images.

    – Cais.

    thanks, that was helpful information and solved it too.

    2 more things…

    when im at the bottom of art gallery, or sculpture,, jewellery and design… the last d2 doesnt have page 2 yet but what i mean is, after press page 2, im on bottom of the last picture… can it not send me straight up to 1 picture or there is anything i can add like press here and i will be coming to the top picture instead of scrolling up to it?


    when i try this first time i had different kind of design/layoute picture that open when i press on one picture, the one now i dont like when see next previous and the text below.. the one i had before with black/white arrows on left/right on the middle of the picture i like to find them again… where is that settings.

    thank in advance

    this my last thing then the gallery is finish

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Side note: Media2U? Please do not post in all caps again. It’s considered rude like yelling. I’ve de-capped your posts.

    sorry for that, i was doing something else and forgot to turn it off and i dont hv my reading glasse around so i cant see screen that well what its says with small letters then…

    Im hoping to solve this as my very last to have a complete finish website and so i can start with next project…


    “Lightbox” effect showing one sort of window when it is open with white next and previous and x for lose, the line below the image name is perfect for adding titel size and price.

    when i use for example thickbox i get another kind simulart but the problem is there that is not classy and fit this page design.

    How can i have same windows as “Lightbox” effect but i must use thickbox coz that is giving me atleast my 15+15 images in page 1 and 2 insted of showing all gallery 51 images yday today i added a new one so its says 52.


    then my general questians that you might should add there on your plugin instead of scrolling up to 1 picture it should have a shortcode of something like TOP and then after click on it im at first picrure on the gallery. My poor english, i dont now what you call that exactly in english but if you look on my website, go to last page kontakt and just between contact form and the copyright text in footer, u see that icon #top two arrows, i dont even know that shortcode and dont now if that would work coz it should be better if that was in your gallery as an option.


    NEXTGEN PRO licens i have that is that giving me more options to go after than just the free version?

    My client just bought it to me.

    thx in advance

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