[resolved] Gallery Order Stuck In Descending Mode (2 posts)

  1. amboutwe
    Yoast Support
    Posted 4 years ago #

    My husband and I co-author a blog. We each have our own accounts for posting content.

    When I am logged in and create a gallery, the default mode for sort is always ascending.

    However, my husband's account is not that way. His always shows descending and he has to switch it to ascending. He's tried different computers and browsers but it's always in descending mode even if he just posted a gallery in ascending mode.

    I have searched and googled to no avail. Everywhere says it should be defaulted to ascending. Why is his account stuck in descending?

  2. amboutwe
    Yoast Support
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I searched through the database and found the following that was causing the problem.

    wp_usermeta.wp_user-settings had galdesc=1

    I first tried to remove it entirely but something triggered it to come back within seconds so I changed it to galdesc=0 and that has stuck so far.

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