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  • When I only enter [gallery] in my post nothing shows up. I can get it to show up by adding and orderby clause, but no matter what value I give it, my images show in reverse order from the way they are listed in the gallery uploader module. I have tried menu_order ASC and DESC, with no effect.

    My before/after gallery is now an after/before gallery.

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  • just upgrade my friends site and nothing is showing up on the blog page where the [gallery] was previously.
    the [gallery] tag is still there in the editor, and all the images if i look at them in the ‘add media’.

    their gallery is now non existent 🙁

    adding the orderby= clause made the previously created [gallery] appear again….
    however, when i create a new gallery through the media upload and press insert into post it suffers the same fate 🙁
    again, adding the orderby= solves this but the thumbnail sizes are all overthe place, as are the previous/next supposed thumbnails…

    Me too. Same as Stewart, the gallery shortcode works if I add an orderby clause, but the prev/next thumbnails are backwards. Other than that it works. Sure hope a solution is found for this. I looked around but found nothing now.

    [gallery] works for me, but I am using my own functions to process it. However, when uploading the images go into reverse order, I have filed a bug about this here:

    When you view the gallery tab, are there numbers in the ordering boxes? After uploading you have to drag at least one image to initiate the ordering field. IMHO the ordering should be pre-filled in based on the order files were uploaded. This would remove the problems with them showing up in reverse. If you don’t have order numbers in the boxes, try ordering by ID or title as a temporary solution until this is resolved.

    Edit: the other temp fix is just to drag your images into reverse order, i.e. first one at the bottom.

    I didn’t have the ordering numbers. As soon as I dragged one though the numbers appeared. Unfortunately they don’t have any effect on the way the images display and if I use [gallery] bare, like this, it still produces no output. This will get fixed I’m sure. Thanks for your good work Ziyphr.

    For whatever it might be worth to others, my problem with gallery not showing up unless I add an orderby clause ended up being a problem with my style sheet. I’m using Sandbox theme. I upgraded that and hacked away at my style sheet until it worked again. I know next to nothing about WordPress and this was a great opportunity to learn.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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