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  • Hey Folks,

    I’m setting up some photo galleries where the thumbnails link to the attachment page. I find it I move the order in the gallery around, at all, then the thumbnails display correctly, but the attachment pages for the full size images still link ‘next” and “previous” to the original order; which gets all out of whack. Is this is a pretty straightforward thing to solve?

    Thanks so much.

    I can post an example page if someone needs it.

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  • This topic is 3 day old, no reply still, I thought I would like to give my two cents here.

    The next prev in the attachment page right now is working correctly just like the way it was in WP3.4 but the way gallery works in WP3.5 making it kind of funny because in WP3.5 the gallery explicitly use the ids

    If you want to wait for the enchancement fix, do nothing there is a ticket marked for 3.6 that will fix this.

    but If you are like me, you keep all your images in well organized order, and you won’t cross link images from different post, then you can keep using gallery shortcode the same way as it was in WP3.4

    I have this problem, a gallery of 10 pictures which I re-ordered by dragging images in the media window. The images appear in the desired order in the post Visual editor (when you click the edit icon), they are also in the correct order in the Text editor [gallery ids=" "], however they remain in the uploaded order when displayed in the published post.

    This is extremely frustrating when trying to publish a gallery of pictures in a particular order.

    The reply above alludes to a possible workaround (?) by using a shortcode from WP3.4. I have only just started using WP and have only experience of 3.5. Could you please elaborate on this. Or is the only solution to upload in the order that you want the gallery to appear?


    I have just done a little more fiddling around. I have a plug-in, Fancy Gallery Lite, activated, this adds Lightbox display to WP galleries, which looks really good, however it seems to mess up the WP gallery functions. When I deactivated it the gallery appeared on the post in the order I had determined in the editor.

    Oh well, does anyone have a recommendation of a simple ‘Lightbox’ display to enhance my galleries? I might try NextGen again, that is reckoned to be really good, though I thought it a bit complicated for my needs.

    On my original post, this still doesn’t seem to be fixed. The gallery lets me reorder the images, and they display correctly, but the next/prev links are incorrect.


    I have the same issue with walkinman here with Twenty Fourteen with WP3.8. : (
    It seems like we all have to delete and reload them after rename them with the numbers corresponded to the order of the images.



    I’m somewhat amazed that such a rudimentary issue doesn’t seem to be addressed at all. Why give me the option of reorganizing and ordering the images in the gallery if the order of the attached images doesn’t change with it?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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