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    we’re happily using the BAM-Theme for a pupil’s magazine of an elementary school.

    But for quite a while now we’re having some issues with the display of images in posts. The most important one regards the WP-gallery-block: When it is set to e. g. three columns, this works in the WP-editor (backend). However, on the website the images are displayed in one column (one image below the other), more than three columns or a mixed version of both.

    I’m aware that current WP-versions seem to have an issue with missing specifications for the CSS-class .is-layout-flex applied to the gallery-tag <figure>. The recommended solution is to add the following CSS-code in the Customizer:

    .is-layout-flex {
    	display: flex;
    	flex-wrap: wrap;

    However, in our case this doesn’t help. :-/

    Yet somewhere else I read that in some themes theres a conflict with the original WP-attribute

    display: flex

    being replaced by

    display: block

    Could this be the case with the BAM-Theme – and is there a solution available to get the gallery-block working?

    Thank you for any help!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    As always, right after sending the post I at least found a possible reason: I deactivated the Autoptimize-plugin and – voilá – the gallery show up perfectly! So the reason obviously is NOT the Bam-theme, but some CSS-“optimization” of Autoptimize…

    Sorry, my fault! 🙄

    First and foremost try to identify what is breaking things by just disabling CSS or JS or HTML or Image optimization (incl. lazyload). Based on that we can see what the next steps need to be 🙂


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    @optimizingmatters Thanks for your reply, Frank!

    Just as an additional info. I already tried to deactivate the Autoptimize CSS-optimization before my post. But this didn’t help. Now I deactivated the JavaScript-optimization. And that solved the problem. So obviously this seems to have been responsible for the broken gallery-display.


    OK, when JS opt. is on, what JS errors do you see in the browser console (if any)?

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    I don’t see any errors in the console. And right now the gallery on the example-page I set up is displayed correctly even with JS-optimiization switched on. I’m confused… 😉

    that makes it hard to troubleshoot obviously .. :-/

    do (did) you use anything (plugin) to async/ defer javascript?

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    Actually there’s no need to troubleshoot anymore, since I identified Autoptimize as the reason (did you recognize I set the topic to „Resolved“ already?). But many thanks for your replies!

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