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  • The gallery was working, and then suddenly when I went to view the page it was blank and the dropdown functionality of the top navigation menu stopped working. If I remove the shortcode, everything shows up again, and then if I add it again, it is blank. I have another gallery located on another page that works just fine.

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  • Not sure what happened, but I chose a different gallery style, cleared the thumbnail cache, updated, and then put it back to justified and it shows up now.

    Any idea what that happened? Will it happen again?

    Okay, it happened again and I haven’t touched anything… I just happens after a certain amount of time. I will reload the page and BAM, nothing.

    So all I did to correct the issue is clear the thumbnail cache again. But I can’t sit at my computer and clear the cache every 20 minutes. How can this be resolved?

    This is the only gallery this issue is occurring in. It has 22 photos in it. The other one without problems has 41, so it can’t be the number of pictures.

    I just reloaded the page and it is blank again.

    Plugin Support Adam W. Warner


    Link to the page you’re seeing this happen on?

    I fixed it on that page. But now I am having issues on another. If one image is “corrupt” which nothing indicates that it is, the whole thing goes wonky. So I have to delete images one at a time until it works, and then reupload everything. And with this one album I just made with 600 pictures in it, I am going to be here for a looonnnnngggg time.

    I can’t exactly link it, because I am working on it, so it will just keep changing. I can leave it be so you can see it if you like.

    Plugin Support Adam W. Warner


    Two questions:

    What indication do you have that an image is “corrupt”?

    Have you loaded the page in Chrome using dev tools? <–this is what i would do and then look under the Chrome dev tools “console” tab to to see I if could see any errors with jQuery, javascript, etc. coming from your theme or another plugin.

    I don’t know that it is corrupt. I just know that if I remove the “right” image, it works again.

    Here is what console showed me

    Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).mobileMenu is not a function
    app.js:13 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check
    util.js:30 Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired:

    Plugin Author bradvin


    when you get a “XXXX is not a function” JS error, it usually indicates that you have more than 1 instance of jQuery loaded on the page. Can you check on your side please?

    Getting rid of the 2nd instance of jQuery usually fixes the problem, but it is really hard to know without a URL look at. If you cannot provide a URL for me to look at and debug, I am going to be forced to mark this topic as resolved

    Also, earlier I had moved a few pictures around and then refreshed, blank, and then refreshed again and it appeared. Repeat. Same thing. Repeat, same thing. I thought good, maybe it is resolved. I then spent more time organizing them right before bed and once I was finished I refreshed the page, blank. Refresh, blank. Refresh 10 minutes later, blank. I thought maybe since I made a lot of moves, it would take longer or something. Nope, I just checked, blank.

    No idea.

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