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  • In my code I don’t have any image IDs, only [slideshow], and I link the images from the media gallery.
    Is there any way to change the order of the images? Now when I try to add the IDs, images that are linked are still there, even if I don’t want them to be there.

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  • The problem is still there – even when I unattach the image and attach it again, and even when I delete the file completely and then reupload it – it still happens!!
    What do I do? How do I set the order of the images? The same image keeps showing up first again and again.

    Forgot to attach the link:
    The stubburn image is the top one on the right, the one that appears first. Even though it was added second to last.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    BFH *
    To change the order of images, you can do that in your
    media window, available when on your edit post page, clicking the insert media button to open the pop over media window. Order of images is controlled by drag and drop, the small image icons in the bottom row.

    *(Back from Holidays)


    Hi Daiv, welcome back – hope you had a great time 🙂

    I tried using the gallery order window – but no matter what order I choose, it keeps showing up the same way (by image ID). It happens on both pages with attached images to them and without (with images I pick in the gallery window).

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    SS-show options / settings page, check what the order setting is there.

    Where is the order setting? Can’t find it…
    Thanks in advance!

    Just an update – apparently it’s a bug in WordPress 3.5.1 in general, images order is not respected properly. At least now I know it’s not something wrong in my code.

    I’ve seen another plugin’s update for it here –
    Do you have any recommendations how to update SS-S this way too?


    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    No, I do not, if it is a 3.5.1 bug,
    I’ll wait until the bug is fixed.
    And, my apologies, It seams that ss-show 2.9 doesn’t have image order or orderby activated. I will be sure to address this in the next plugin update.

    Thanks anyway Daiv! Looking forward to the next update.



    Hey Daiv,

    I think I’ve found something that might be causing the bug –
    In my thumbnails box (ss-thumbnails) I can fit 9 images in width, after that the overflow clips the list and the rest of the images go to the line below.

    BUT, the images are sorted in the right way when I have 9 images, after I cross that number (meaning, I have more than one line) the order is messed up! Once I go back to 9, it’s all back in order.
    Maybe it’s something in the settings afterall?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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