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  • Looks like the navigation through a gallery from within the attachment pages only works (as i would suppose it to) if the attachments are linked(/uploaded) to that particular post/page.

    Let’s say i have uploaded ten images on an older post before.
    Now i make a new post and choose three of those images from the media library, create a new gallery with those and put them in that new post. Now the thumbnails will show up correctly, a click on an image will take me to the attachment page. But then when you click through that gallery with the Next / Previous Links it will take me through all ten images instead of only those three.

    Also if you upload two separate galleries with 5 images each to the same post it will cycle through all ten.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or if i misunderstand how the gallery navigation is supposed to work but it would make more sense to me if the attachment pages cycles only through the images in one gallery…?


    (btw: tried with 3.5-RC1)

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  • Second, though that behavior is not new in 3.5. It’s just more people realizing it now, because of the slick “Create a new gallery” button. 😉 Before now, if you wanted to create a new gallery with images not attached to the post, you had to insert the gallery shortcode manually.

    There has been a ticket and patch in Trac since 2.8.4 (which was released 3 years ago) about many-to-many relationships for attachments (because that’s what it would take to get that image navigation right: to be able to attach one image to multiple posts).
    Also this comment seems very interesting and provides a link to a still maintainend plugin solution you can try until the topic will hopefully make it into core.

    Edit: Another interesting comment from the same thread with a link to a plugin workaround.

    Yes, it was exactly the same before, but as it wasn’t possible to have multiple galleries without a plugin (or manually write the gallery shortcode) there where not many occasions where an end-user had more than one gallery in one post. But with the new media uploader and the new “Create new gallery” Option we will see that much more often.

    I think it should be just a small change in the “next_image_link” (adjacent_image_link) function to correct this. Maybe i find some time later to further investigate.

    The mentioned “File Gallery” Plugin is a nice idea, and has some really nice features, but as the problem really is a completely broken navigation i would consider this a bug which definitely should be fixed in core!

    Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    This is a really interesting predicament.

    I think one way to gently point people in the right direction on this would be that gallery view should really start out with the “Uploaded to this post” view rather than all “Images”, unless there were none uploaded to the post yet.

    Inline carousels > chained pages?

    Hi Andrew,

    I think one way to gently point people in the right direction on this would be that gallery view should really start out with the “Uploaded to this post” view rather than all “Images”, unless there were none uploaded to the post yet.

    Agreed if the road ahead is to keep attachments limited to one post only.

    Inline carousels > chained pages?

    You mean as a substitute for attachment pages? Sure, I think many users prefer carousels and things like that anyway for the eye candy.
    It’s just that attachment pages make a super-solid core feature and the whole concept behind them makes tons of sense—except the fact it hasn’t been applied for one-to-many relationships between one attachment image and multiple posts.

    But then again, if one really thinks it through, maybe that’s a part of the concept, not a lack of implementation?
    Because, coming from the premise that content should be unique, why would one want to show one and the same image in more than one post? I know many people would, but does it make sense? If it does, I think it should be implemented as a part of the concept behind post attachments. If not, screw it. 😉

    One thing is to have one attachment on many pages/posts, but the other (maybe more common) is having multiple galleries in one page/post.

    Possibly thats something people are not intended to do. But then again, the Button “Create a new gallery” implies that this is something you can/should do.

    If we could teach the adjacent_image_link function to check if an image is attached to a gallery (via include=xx,xx,xx) instead of attached to a post, this would make things much more intuitive. Or do i miss something?

    @nacin: Of course we can still use inline carousels, but in some cases the Attachment Pages would be handy (e.g. when you wan’t to show a lot of information beside your images etc.)

    Hi all,
    this is the first discussion I found that clearly explains the big problem we’re having.

    Any updates on the topic since 6 months ago?

    Thanks for any answer you may provide 🙂

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