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    It seems the Gallery is broken in 3.5beta3. (up to and including 22601 build).
    When a post with a pre-existing gallery is opened to edit the gallery, the “Drop files anywhere to upload” message appears, then the gallery photo’s appear.
    BUT: the images shown are the images of this gallery and of a few other posts (while the post shows correct images in it’s gallery before editing it).
    Also, selecting an image to reorder it by dragging does not work.

    both problems appear on Internet explorer 10 as well as firefox and safari, both on single site setup and multisite setup, so there’s definitely something broken. (single-site is hosted at hosting company, multi-site at own server)

    All was working properly up till beta 2.

    (Yes, I’ve disabled all plugins, still nogo, so it’s definitely not a plugin and starts immediately after updating to beta3).

    Couldn’t find a ticket in the trac system, so maybe someone who knows how to write a trac ticket can make one after confirming those issues?

    with kind regards,
    Rene Camies

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  • rcamies


    Just noticed something:

    my experience from the previous only appears in posts written before updating to beta 3.
    new galleries work fine.

    the galleries before beta3 were like this in text mode:
    [gallery link="file" columns="5" orderby="post_date"]

    the gallery created after updating to beta3 is like this:
    [gallery ids="647,650,621,623,617"]

    basically, it looks like the image ids are not there in pre-beta3 galleries and this is causing the problem.
    (confirmed by removing the id tags from the second code above, it then tries to list all images from previous posts as part off the gallery and does not allow drag and drop. also, when editing an older post, the gallery gets updated with all image ids (which are a few hundred) from other galleries, but then the galleries can be changed properly (drag and drop working))

    so it looks like there has been a change in the gallery tag which required changing old posts in the database to get the image ids set in the gallery shortcode tags.

    anyone able to help out?



    I’m not able to upload anything into beta 3 galleries, new or old. Same as you, was working in beta 2

    Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    Galleries were a bit wonky in beta 3 — can either of you still reproduce these problems in RC1?



    Well, it’s working in RC1 now, that’s for sure.

    So thanks, I for fixin it up!
    as far as I am concerned, it should be marked as resolved!

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