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  • I’m was planning to add two very simple galleries to my pages. One gallery contains logos that I want to link to external brand home pages. One gallery contains images of staff in the shop and these should not be linked at all.

    As far as I understand none of these solutions could be done using the “internal” gallery?

    It seems so simple I was confident it could be done. Any suggestions what to use instead?


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  • Not sure if another solutions has been found, but I’ve been trying to get NextGen to work without success. Doesn’t seem to be very non-techie-user-friendly, at least for this purpose.

    I want to post a series of sponsors’ logos on a page and have each one link to each sponsor’s respective website. To make it easy for others to create these, I want to use the built-in WP Gallery to grab and arrange these logos in a nice clean layout from images uploaded to the Media library.

    I’ve created a gallery ( here ) but can’t set the individual images to link externally. The only options seem to be to the file themselves or attachment pages. Even with external links put in the Link URL field of an image when I upload it, there doesn’t appear to be a way to chose that when putting it in the Gallery. I can only make them link to the file or to an attachment page.

    Seems like a simple fix…. a third option in the Gallery creator to send a clicker to the Link URL associated with an image.

    Please tell me this is possible.

    I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while now and cannot believe it is still not possible. Such a let-down to what is otherwise awesome.


    having the same trouble. im trying to avoid plugins taking over the media library.

    this plus the ability to make a gallery of non image files.

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