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  • Not long ago, I contributed to a thread about photo display problems. The original poster had had their galleries completely fail after the 2.8 upgrade. I was not having that problem … but I am now!

    I did the auto upgrade to 2.8.1 the day it was first made available, and the gallery feature *worked* afterward, no problem. I wrote one, possibly two, blog posts including photo galleries using the WordPress native gallery feature without any problem.

    Today, for some strange reason, I cannot get the Gallery feature to display after uploading photos and editing/saving changes as usual. The tab is not there in the options panel.

    I then tried installing NextGen plugin, having seen many people recommend it. With that, when I write the post, it all seems to work fine, and the gallery “place holder” shows in the post without any problem. However, when viewing the post itself in the browser, there is no gallery, no photos. Just the text displays.

    I’ve been messing with it all morning long and have not been able to resolve the issue. There have been no changes in my setup/installation at all between yesterday, when galleries worked, and today, when they don’t. I did update one installed/active plugin this morning, but it was not till *after* I had discovered that the gallery feature had c**pped out on me.

    Anyone else having similar issues? Anyone found a fix? I can’t imagine what I can do to “fix” it, when it worked yesterday, no changes at all were made, and it’s not working today!

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  • Update: a system reboot appears to have cleared the NextGen gallery problem, but the native WordPress gallery is still not working. I’m happy with NextGen for now, but thought this might best stay where it is, in case others are having Gallery issues as well.

    Again, 2.8.1 seemed fine yesterday on my site (, but today when I upload photos, there is no option for Gallery in the tabs at the top after going through the Show/Edit routine as usual.

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