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  • tzar


    Yes, I did search first and did try out some of the prescribed stuff…
    the instructions for integrating Gallery into WordPress from (very well written though, respect!) are for WP 1.02…

    I am trying to integrate in WP 1.5 and I understand I have to change something in a file the themesfolder… but cannot get it to work.
    Even tried it with a iframe (yeahyeah, my bad) but it would be nice to have a plugin that generates a page with header and footer where the /gallery can be easily integrated… that way you could do the same for for instance /forum or whatever nonWordPress system you have running and would like to integrate in a certain WP-theme…
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • ig0tch4


    I am not sure if you are familiar with Simple PHP Gallery this is easy to integrate with WP.

    Ryan Duff


    Tzar: I’m working on integrating WP with G2. I’ve been asking the devs various questions throughout the past few weeks. Hopefully I’ll have a rough doucument up soon. I’ll also be working on a plugin for wp that will let you pull various things from your gallery to place on pages in WP.

    As for Simple PHP gallery, It does integrate nicely, they have a package for WP. It is alittle “blah” IMHO.



    Yeah, I know of SPG… problem is: I already have Gallery up and running… therefor the integration-question…
    Besides, I am very happy with the java applet for remote batch upload of pictures. Gallery has some key-features that really make it very userfriendly.



    wow… only matter of seconds between posts….! 😉

    @ ryanduff: cool! looking forward to that! Good to hear your on top of it!



    @tzar – what version of Gallery are you trying to integrate?

    I’m running v1.4 with WordPress 1.5-beta-1 2005-01-02 . I previously integrated Gallery into early versions of WP and WP 1.5 using the tutorial with little problems. It’s the same process only you’re editing a header and a footer file in your theme folder versus just the one index file in the older WP versions.

    You can look at the code on my site and maybe it’ll help…

    Oh, I installed G2 a few weeks ago and didn’t like it…decided to stick with G1.4. If it aint broke, why fix it?



    okidoki… thanks for the info sdollen.
    I am using the same version as you. Will look through the script this weekend…


    Ryan Duff


    @sdollen & tzar: the only problem with G1 is that when you follow pibby’s tutorial, you get a double <head> tag making it non xhtml compliant. G1 stores the header in the separate files which makes it difficult to do without some custom coding which no one has attempted to my knowledge.

    That issue, I believe, has been fixed in G2 and it is all in one file.

    Also, G2 is currently in its last alpha and nowhere near complete. Thats why I haven’t jumped on it too quickly, but the overall guide should be the same.



    Perhaps tweaking the existing coppermine – wp1.2.x plugin psnGallery2 would work too, at least with gallery 2.0 since it works with mysql.


    sorry, I haven’t checked this thread since my last post until just today. Yeah, I noticed the double head tag and fixed that issue on my gallery page.

    If you check my gallery page on my site and look at my code, you’ll see that I don’t have that problem. Following the tutorial exactly also placed a double body and html closing tag as well. Maybe I should send pibby my fix.



    When I view the source of your gallery page, I see this (I removed script tags to narrow it down):



    <body dir="ltr">



    yeah, sorry about that.. had the old file up there. It should be correct now.

    Anyone have this going for Gallery 1.5+ and WP1.5 ?

    I’m trying to find the cleanest approach, but am having trouble getting WP to load from a Gallery template. The trouble seems to be that WP can’t load when I include wp-blog-header.php from the Gallery template. I get a weird “Call to non-member function”-error from PHP.

    Basically, I’d like to include the WP header before the G2 header in gallery/html_wrap/gallery.header and vice versa in gallery.footer.

    But it seems there must be more to it than this (not counting CSS modifications, of course).

    Any thoughts?

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