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    I am looking for a way to make a gallery consisting of images and a short description for each image like this:

    [image1] [description1]
    [image2] [description2]
    [image3] [description3]
    etc. like here:

    I have an animation website and I would like to create a system that makes it easy adding/deleting/editing content.

    Do you have any suggestions how to achieve this effect? I can’t seem to write any text to the right of my image, as they won’t stay on the same line and I couldn’t find a way for the text to wrap around it (like you do in MS Word).

    Also I couldn’t find a way to make tables in an easy manner that makes it possible for you to drag it around and define the amounts of rows, collumns, their width and height.

    I installed TinyMCE plugin for an extended WYSIWYG panel but I can’t find neither Wrap not Tables feature there.

    Please help me out.

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