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  • i am trying to create a gallery with images that have different orientations (horizontal and vertical). when i do a 3 wide or 2 wide gallery these images are all showing up as horizontal which of course is no good.

    is there a way to get this to work in WP with some settings that i have missed or is it necessary to use some kind of plugin for this (basic) functionality.


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  • Go into your WordPress admin » Settings » Media. Set your thumbnail height and width to the same size and uncheck the option that crops your images. Now they’ll be proportional (tall or wide). You’ll have to upload your images again because these settings only affects new images. Good luck!

    hi. thanks. i spent about six months trying to figure out what was wrong with this about two or more years ago. i have not had a problem with it since.

    now it is baaaa—aaaack.

    the problem i am seeing (thanks for reminding me where these settings are) is that my settings ARE:

    310 w x 150 h and the somewhat confusingly worded “Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)” is CHECKED.

    the thumbnail i posted is obviously stretched.

    oh, no (oh god) this isn’t another one of those issues where i am uploading a non-png image accidentally, is it? oh god. yikes.

    if it is, can someone please explain to me what the problem is that WP has with tiff or png (I can’t imagine i have another file format on my computer) so that if this is the case and i forget what is going on here at least i /understand/ what is going on so i can remind myself without having to post the question?

    also, this seems like a common enough problem (based on the off forum questions i got about it originally) and it is obscure enough to figure out to have a faq on it if it doesn’t already exist (and again if this is in fact the problem this time…


    TIFF will not display in some browsers. PNG should be fine, as is JPG.

    Does this problem occur in a default theme or only yours?



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    Unless you provide a link to a page demonstrating the problem, no one will be able to offer much in the way of assistance.

    hi esmi. sorry it is:

    these are all jpg’s.

    also, a thank you for the reminder from WPyogi. i am trying to always use png but i see in this case i am using jpg.

    as a side note i see that on another post (in another thread) – that tiff is displaying fine for images /in/ the post but that it is causing the thumbnail that is used (also tiff) to get stretched….but i gather from Wpyogi’s advice that it would be best to stay away from tiff altogether even if it happens to be displaying properly in say safari….



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    it would be best to stay away from tiff altogether

    Yes – absolutely. .tiff images were never meant for web use. They’re uncompressed image files meant for the printing industry.

    I cannot see anything that is actively distorting the images at the page generation end. All of the images appear to be correctly sized at 310 x 150px with no CSS stretching. So I can only guess that any distortion is happening at the thumbnail creation point when the original image is uploaded. All I can suggest is that you try deactivating all plugins & switching to the Twenty Eleven theme before uploading a new image to see if that helps.

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