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  • I’m using the Visual Editor, when adding a Gallery, the image size is not working properly.
    I attached 2 images with both “Full-Size” (bigger than 150px width) and they always go into thumbnail version.

    I searched a little bit in this forum and saw that in the HTML tab we can write [gallery size="full"].

    It seems the gallery size is for the gallery itself and not per picture.


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  • It works. size specify the image size to use for the thumbnail display.
    If images are big you can use columns option.
    Like [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

    That doesn’t answer the question. I said it works with the HTML, but if you stay in visual, giving the user the possibility to choose the size PER image is not taken into account.

    Works for me. Twenty ten, WP3.3, visual editor, inserted thumb img and another full size image.

    Admin Dashboard>Settings>Media>Set your image sizes, especially maximum embed size where the width should be the width of your post or page minus any padding etc.

    Twenty Eleven, WP3.3, Visual Editor. I do not click “insert into post”, I use the gallery feature.

    Not working.

    Looking at the code in media.php, it doesn’t set a size per “attachment” but it gets the size per gallery shortcode.

    It gets the size from the settings I noted above. Full is the max size, the image is resized to this on upload.

    OK, your idea works @swansonphotos in my case, but it still doesn’t make sense to give the opportunity to the user to set the size of each individual image without displaying them in the the gallery appropriately.

    I could put 9999999 in there, but this is still not intuitive and defeat the purpose of having full-size image option.

    Visual editor -> mouse over on image, click on blue img button -> edit (%), advanced settings (px)

    Once again @vjpo, I am not adding ONE image, but the gallery.

    I am not sure about this forum right now, am I at the right place to propose bugs/features? or you guys are trying to help me to have this working? you seem to know a lot about it and I thank you; it just seems that we are trying to go around a problem that maybe should be fixed in the first place?

    Maybe I should have posted to “Requests and Feedback”. Maybe an admin could move this post.

    Sorry about this.

    As I know, WP gallery doesn’t have the feature to change size per image. Or may be I still didn’t get your question ) It would be helpful if you post a shortcode example that you tried to use.
    Anyway, HNY 🙂

    Have a look here:

    It is possible to change the size per image according to this screenshot.

    I was not using any shortcode before. It was all automatic. So you can see the visual editor gives me the option to change the image size; but it won’t affect the gallery. So this seems like a bug to me.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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