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      1st Issue. In IE7 only able to upload a single image via “Browse Computer” form field with Grey “upload” button to right of field (image does go in to Media Library)
      2nd issue. Missing button to add Images into a Post or a Page.
      3rd issue. Click SHOW in Media Library does not expand.

    I get no error messages.

    I have disabled all security features in IE7,
    Javascripting and cookies allowed.
    Flushed Browser cache and files. Cold booted XP.
    Same 3 issues in IE7 so unable to add images.

    Only Akismet 2.1.4 Plugin active.
    Wordpress Default Template but same IE7 issue with other templates

    2.5 zip downloaded today from the official site (this is not beta release) Upgraded test site with 2.3.1 – 2.5 – No issues.

    No issues with gallery functionality in Seamonkey, when the Gallery upload popup appears I get the same form as in IE7 but it then auto-refreshes within a second and displays the “Choose files to upload” button.

    Gallery is simple and easy to use. & Yes I like it..;-)

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  • IE7 didnt like the two javascripts error so it failed the scripts altogether.

    Please refer to

    Thanks, Not quite the same issue, as its with all media types, but its similar enough. So checked \includes\media.php and debug, (extra ,) was present – edited as per Line 817 (#6443)
    Have same IE7 issues, Seamonkey still fully functional.

    Guess I need to scan through the JS files.

    edited handler.js removed extra comma from line 99 (#6443 & #7573)
    IE7 Gallery is working.

    I took out the commas and mine STILL won’t work even after clearing out the cache AGAIN.

    Are there other errant commas that need to be removed, or just these two?

    I was getting image upload “Crunching” response upon attempting uploading from computer, followed by error message: upload failure: try again (or something close to that); this is recently upgraded WP 2.5 on Firefox; the images, however, were getting into the gallery but they didn’t import into the post correctly (but they did import)

    based on applying #6443 – #7573 proposed solutions (delete extra commas at lines 99 and 817, respectively), my upload works cleanly and Gallery seems to function normally. I have not verified if images get inserted into posts as specified in the dialog, however.

    Deleting the commas may not fix everything but you will have to and you can then focus on the remaining issues.

    doesn’t fix the issue for me 🙁

    hmm fixed… i wonder how many people made the same mistake (as me):

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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