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  • Hi. I am a WP novice needing help with photo galleries. Many plugins out there basically say (paraphrased) “install, activate, make a gallery, put it in the page, publish!” but I’m really struggling.

    I have NGGallery installed and working but I want to try others (polaroid gallery or albumize for example) and it appears to my untrained eye that they would all like to be referring to default type galleries – not ones referring to NG. I don’t have the first clue where to start. I mean ‘not the first clue…’.

    If I disable the NG plugin, and install one of the others mentioned, I make a new page – then what? Where is the area that says “make an album here and whern you’re done put this VERY SPECIFIC line of code or text in your required page. For NG I use something like [nggallery id=1] but that was achieved by trial / error / accident. It just doesn’t jump off the page at me as being as obvious as some forum members make out. Does it tell me somewhere specifically what code to stick where? Am i mad?

    I got this working with NG but I made a new page called and it takes me to a ‘coppermine’ gallery. ??!

    For example: polaroid-gallery instructions:
    1.Download the zipped plugin file to your local machine.
    2.Unzip the file.
    3.Upload the polaroid-gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    4.Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
    5.Configure any options as desired
    6.Add a gallery and upload some images (the main gallery folder must have write permission).

    I get to 5. Then I tell myself the rest must be easy?!? It’s just not jumping off the page at me.

    Can someone please take the time to assist and spell it out for me? Or point me in the right direction?

    Any assistance appreciated. Once I’mshown it will stick (like HTML did once) but at the minute it may as well be in another language.


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