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    Hi there!

    I’ve searched (and the web) for more than hour trying to figure this out, and have yielded nothing.

    I have a very old client who wants to showcase her artwork. I’ve modified the new default WP theme to suit her taste, and it works great for letting her update the site herself. She’s very excited that for once she will be able to update the site without having to hire me once a month 😉

    However, she’s on IE 5/6/7, and according to her, most of her friends are on it, too. Images on the front page are not showing up properly (they are squished to 1px width).

    But more importantly, the Galleries show nothing but a red “X” and upon clicking on a red x thumbnail, it goes to the “file not found” page! I don’t generally optimise for obsolete browsers anymore, but she’s been a very good client to me over the years and I want to make sure that she can use wordpress for her needs.

    The site works perfectly, and looks as it should in FF, Opera, Safari, and Chrome. It also seems to work ok in IE 8 (sometimes). Is there a fix or hack for this? I would hate to have to force her to go back to the old website where she had to hire me month after month for changes because the Gallery wasn’t working in her particular favourite browser. (and yes, I’ve gotten her to upgrade… she’s concerned about her other senior friends who maybe don’t understand the concept of keeping updated properly. I’ve also already mentioned the “IE” note that would pop up suggesting an upgrade to viewers, which she was not thrilled about. :/)

    Here’s the site:
    I’m using Verson 3.0, and she’s on Directnic hosting. I’m also using the built-in gallery feature. She’s not into the fancy flash stuff, so I hesitate to try another plugin unless it has the same functionality (in which case, I’m open to that suggestion, too).

    I really appreciate any suggestions you can give! Thank you SOOOO much in advance!

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  • UPDATE: now looking at it in Chrome and FF, not all of the pictures are appearing! All the files are still there, in the same place, and I have not touched the code. It was working perfectly yesterday. What happened?? D:

    NOTE: mods, you can delete this thread.. turns out it wasn’t an IE issue specifically. That said, there are still issues with IE, so I’ll see how it goes.

    Sorry about that!

    Site works but theme is crooked on firefox 2.
    Header on one side, then have to scroll way to the right to see the rest.
    this will be a problem with older browsers and OS.

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