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  • I upgraded from 2.7.1 to 2.8.1 and then to 2.8.2. Ever since I upgraded to 2.8 series, the gallery feature is missing in each post.

    Check this image for what i am talking about
    (In this pic both are taken from 2.8.2)

    But the gallery feature is missing only for new posts created after 2.8 upgrade as I can still view the gallery feature for posts written long back

    Is there a direct way of accessing attachment page?

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  • can anyone please confirm if you also seem to be having the same problem?

    I can confirm that I have the same problem

    I have same problem both with when upgrade to 2.8 serires and fresh install of 2.8.



    I have the same darn issue at two of my blogs!
    I am really very unhappy, cause gallery feature is very important for me!



    I have figured out how to make a little workaround to get the functionality back – I think the issue has something to do with recent taxonomy system update and auto-save feature… It still uploads images to Media library, but it doesn’t link uploaded images to post or page. But…

    Simple way to get the gallery feature back

    • Enter a post/page title
    • Press Save Concept
    • Add image/images, WP will automatically create gallery
    • Press Save all changes button
    • Gallery (no) tab magically reappears

    It’s working for me on both sites, I hope it will work for you too.

    Please, confirm if it works for you before I post a ticket to track to fix the issue 🙂

    Edit: I have found existing ticket, so fix may be in the motion.



    Having the same problem here…

    Mijk, you’re workaround works. Well kinda…
    It works when you’re creating an Gallery, but what when want to edit/manage an existing Gallery? Or add a new one…

    Somebody knows?

    At my side problem appears only when I’m are creating new post with gallery.

    If I’m editing any existing post (with or without gallery), gallery posting works just fine for me…)

    To make this work, did you have to give wp-content 777 permissions?

    Same problem here. I actually had the gallery working for a minute on all new posts, then it just randomly stopped working. I disabled and deleted all plugins, but now it seems to be gone for good!

    What’s the deal?!

    @a_johnson: No, i didn’t (even I am in safe_mode=on environment)

    @outbreak: I dunno, but I hope, that it will be fine in 2.9 (when it will be released).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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