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    I’m having some issues with the gallery feature in the media uploader. I think this is a new feature with the newer versions of wordpress and the theme I have (which is custom) doesn’t know how to handle this content? Basically when I add a gallery to the site it just looks like a bunch of square thumbnails on the page strung together and clicking the image takes me to an unstyled post that just contains the image itself? I’m not sure how this feature is supposed to work or what steps I would need to take to update the theme to handle this type of content. Is there a tutorial or documentation or is there something else that is the issue with this?

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  • It sounds like it might just be a question of the CSS styling the galleries or lack thereof. If you can post a link to a page as you’ve described, someone can look at it and give you a better idea.

    I can try and post a link if you really need to see it but the page isn’t live at the moment since it’s broken. If there is an example page of how this feature is supposed to work then I’m sure I could update the CSS and/or JS to handle this type of content but since I have no experience with it I’m not really sure how it’s meant to work.

    I am having somewhat of the same issue. It seems to me that my galleries were scrollable or could be clicked to show the next or previous picture within the gallery. This isn’t happening on the website below. Someone else made the theme. I’m wondering if that is the problem.

    Thanks – Jennifer

    I found a few examples of gallery implementation in the live demo of some themes from another post on here, they all seem to pretty much work the same way:

    Is this the only way the gallery type of post can be implemented? I can use this as an example of how to update my site’s theme to handle this type of WP content but I’d love to see some other examples.

    @jenngood – if you need help, you need to start your own thread. You do not have the same question and it is rude to hijack someone else’s thread.

    @warpdesign – that post is quite outdated, so probably not the best reference. You could try activating twentytwelve and creating a gallery and looking at the code. This might also be helpful:

    Thanks for the link. CSS is not a problem for me at all, but it appears (at least from the outdated example) that there is JS involved as well. Or at least there could be depending on how you want it to work: lightbox style overlay, scrolling left and right, etc. That I can definitely adapt working from an example but I’m not skilled enough to do that totally from scratch.

    I’ll take a look at the newest default theme as you suggest and use that as a starting point. If anyone else has any good examples of the the WP gallery that people have done I’d love to get some ideas of what is possible to do with it!

    Yep, there are various pieces to attend to – this may be helpful in what’s new in WP3.5 as well:

    So sorry to be rude and hijack someone else’s post. My mistake, I thought it was the same problem maybe. If I understood what was wrong, I wouldn’t have had to make the post. I have seen other people chime in that they are having the same issues. I thought this was the place to do it. I have also read NOT to start another post when someone has already started one. So sorry once again.

    And actually, my question is exactly the same as warp design’s first post.


    please start your own topic. (full stop)

    your question is different @warpdesign is not talking about scrolling or next/prev…

    of course, nobody can stop you from reading what is going on in this topic, however you will not get any answers here, addressing your particular question.

    Okay, I am not a GURU on WP, but was quite bothered by this: A week ago I was able to easily look at one of my galleries, clicking on it, and having my images appear. I was able to add more images and delete others; Thrilling. A few days later I had more images to add; I must have tried the same routine 30 times, just as I had done the week before: NADA, it would not bring up my images. And yes, I can no longer add more pics; All I can do, as someone else just said, was to “Add media.” What happened in just one week?

    @auvergnestudios – Please read the above post by alchymyth – the same applies to you: start your own thread.



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    please start your own topic

    your problem is totally unrelated to what was asked here.

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