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    Hi There,
    I have two galleries, which appears as one display with one entry on the menu bar.
    Hence I considered to create two albums each containing a gallery.
    After creating the album and selecting it I had to “tags” ie: the two galleries in the middle of the screen and the album on the right.
    I tried to drag and drop, open the “tag” on the Manage Album screen with no avail. I need some help please.
    Is it a restriction on the free module?

    Much appreciated,


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  • @dippies After you have selected the album you’ll see on the left side Album ID: Album name at the top of that column. Be sure that’s the album you want to fill with your galleries, then drag and drop the galleries in that left column.

    tizz, I have done so! I clicked the photo (one showing) but the gallery has 11 and 110 photos respectively. The mouse pointer changes to a no-entry sign. [Circle with the line diagonal through the circle.] I see I can’t paste a screen dump into this text box.
    Bit frustrating.
    I am developing offline.
    Any new suggestions?

    Help!!!!! Why does the gallery link to a page not work?
    I am trying to display two galleries on two pages, but without avail!!!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @dippies – The “Page Link to” option is for albums to use to point the gallery image to a specific page.

    – Cais.

    Thanks, any suggestions why my drag and drop does not work. See posts above.

    @dippies You have to deactivate all other plugins and activate a WordPress default theme and clear you cache to see if there is a conflict.

    Thanks, I take it that all themes on the site are deemed to be default themes. I am using Customizr. I am going back to basics as per your previous post.

    @dippies No, not all themes on the site, but only those who comes with WordPress download, Twenty series themes, are default theme.

    Thanks Tizz, and all who contributed.
    I reloaded the theme, the gallery and all is working fine.

    Problem Solved.

    God Bless

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @dippies – Great to read things are working correctly for you now!

    Thanks for the follow-up.

    – Cais.

    I’m a newbie to the WordPress world and am having the same problem, I cannot drag and drop galleries into albums. I was using the Responsive theme, but have tried the above solution without success unfortunately. I’m in the process of converting my current old(?) fashioned website.

    I am not doing this online but by using XAMPP and Localhost, not sure if this has any influence on the problem.
    Hope someone can help

    Oops! Didn’t notice the link hadn’t been closed. This is my existing site I am attempting to convert to WordPress

    Sorry I’m losing the plot here
    this hopefully is the link to my existing site

    I’ve sorted the drag and drop problem, seems I had been doing it properly. However, when the album is inserted in the post it shows the icons for the 2 galleries I would have expected to see just the one icon for the album. Am I correct in thinking that? If so, any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?


    @mikem22 You should have posted your own topic because jumping in others posts is misleading, besides the fact that the OP and anyone who’s registered to this resolved topic continues to receive each post undesidered emails on a different subject.
    Anyway, without seeing the interested page because you haven’t put the direct link, I think you’re talking about the normal behavior.
    The album page shows 1 chosen image to represent a gallery, so the images in the album are as many as the galleries.
    If you want a superior level you have to create another album in which you’ll insert the current album, namely a sub-album, and for the superior album you can choose the image to display.
    Album = 1 image > Sub-album = x images depending on how many galleries are inserted.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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