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  • Hey there,
    the gallery tool/feature is really cool stuff. But where exactly can I customize gallery settings? Like how much photos to show on one page, etc.
    Also is it possible to make “widescreen” thumbnails and crop from top and bottom?

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  • I’ll just add one more request to this, since it deals with the same topic. The new media manager system is fantastic, but it’s missing one key feature for a lot of people, the ability to add watermarks to media that is uploaded. It would be great if we could specify a PNG or GIF in the settings, and then choose to have it applied to images when uploaded.

    How do we edit the display attributes for the gallery, like instead of opening to a new page, with a slightly larger pic, make the singe pic display size changeable…

    Or how are we able to edit the gallery display to add a rel tag, or change the attribs of each gallery thumbnail?

    Please send us some real documentation!

    I’m assuming this is pretty easy, but I’m still just trying to figure out how to customize the order that my images are shown. My images are numbered and I want the newest on the top, so simply reversing the default order would be sufficient, but more customization options are always good. The shortcode doc page remains pretty tersely cryptic on this.

    This is actually not easy. The gallery code is not particularly configurable, and it’s new. It’s fully pluggable though, so expect plugins to fill in the gaps and such.

    if anyone has seen you’d see that his gallery is set to a new page. I’ve struggled since starting my website to take a plugin like PhotoXhibit or WP-Gallery or FAlbum and make it into a PAGE so that all my pictures can be seen in nice, neat little albums on a page (which can be cleverly accessed by clicking on the “photos” page at the top of my wp theme). Can someone PLEASE explain to me how to do this??

    Matt just puts his gallery posts into their own category:

    I’m still not following.. lol. I don’t want to make POSTS. I just want to upload pictures to my website and not have a post attached. Besides, he also has a Photos page and it looks all sophisticated.. 🙁

    I’d love to see some more documentation, particularly as to how Matt does his new gallery on I know the old gallery was done using the Gallery package from, but the new one is done using Gallery 2.5’s internal gallery function.

    I’m having a heck of a time figuring out how to customize the gallery for my own needs. Seems like I’d have to gut a lot of the WordPress code to do it. For example, I’d like the thumbnail images to link directly to the full sized version, rather than to an attachment page and then to the full sized version.

    I’m still not following.. lol. I don’t want to make POSTS. I just want to upload pictures to my website and not have a post attached.

    WordPress does not work this way. If you upload pictures through WordPress, then every picture both gets its own post and is attached to some other post as well.

    Besides, he also has a Photos page and it looks all sophisticated.. 🙁

    His seemingly-defunct Photos page is using the Gallery software from within a customized WordPress Page Template.

    So, I’m guessing that matt has just customized a Page Template for his photos page that is displaying all posts in the category “gallery”. How in the world does he get the post on his front page to show just one image from the given album with its description, etc.??? When I try this, I just get the full album on the front page – I can’t seem to insert an image into the excerpt, and certainly can’t split up the gallery shortcode. Any ideas??

    Well.. It would be nice if Matt would reply to us. But lets face it, he is one of the creators behind WordPress. And it would suprise me if he didnt know how to customize his blog in every aspect, that he would dream of.

    I’d love to know how he has done that. I mean, the category page only shows one photo and the comments. You can only see the entire album if you decide to click on it.
    It’s really how I’d want my log to show this gallery stuff. This would be really fantastic…

    @asilentthing – I don’t know how Matt puts his thumbnail images into the front page, but I do it via the custom fields section.

    I have just recently learned (am still learning) how to use these little jewels, but I like what I can do with them.

    The custom-fields for feeds plugin is a nice one to work with too.

    Also, in my CSS file I have an image code for thumbnails that I often use in my excerpts. So that I don’t have to take the time to edit every single photo into a standard thumbnail size (100×100 or so) I just use a setting like width=% and hieght=auto. Then in my single post page I have the image size more standard.

    I also don’t usually link the thumbnail image at all, but occasionally I have linked it. I do this via the Optional Exerpt section. I can see that many possibilities are endless here. For example, if I wanted to write a post about my son’s 4th birthday and only include a three photos I could do that as I normally would (via flickr, or now the Gallery function). If I wanted to link to all the photos, but NOT insert the Gallery into that particular post (to make the birthday gallery it’s own page) I could then write a page (so the post won’t appear on the front page of the blog as the top post) and insert all my photos there and make that a birthday gallery page and link to it from the birthday post.

    That may not be the cleanest way to do it, but I do not see why it wouldn’t work.

    Clear as mud?


    Thanks for your reply. in the Custom Fields, are you just including an img link in the value field?

    I was also thinking of creating a custom Page template that would basically aggregate the posts to the “gallery” category (or whatever) but I hate doing that. I guess the new function, to me, seems really counter-intuitive to the rest of WP. I spent somewhere around 4 hours (given, a lot of that was due to slow internet at the office) trying to figure this thing out, and it still doesn’t do even the most basic things I would assume is a part of a gallery – like sorting albums and such in the administration.

    I guess I’m going to have to mess with this a bit more. Or I may just have to go old-school third party gallery until this has progressed a bit farther. I think I’m agreeing with scudelari.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    hi, i have some similar without plugins in my galeria, i do a mini tutorial in spanish…

    this use a internal functions from wordpress 2.5, y make a 2 little funcions, maybe you can read the code from and search “Como tener un Gallery como el de”

    lucky for everyone

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