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  1. wla
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I have a gallery on my page and it works fine under Chrome -- with the default of 3 columns, or with 4 or 5 columns if I set the "columns" parameter in the shortcode.
    But, under IE8, it always shows only one column, whether or not I set the "columns" parameter. (e.g. http://www.aboutkingsmill.com/?page_id=113).

  2. Hi there, since IE8 doesn't support mobile-first development techniques, many responsive themes won't display exactly the same in that browser.

    Do your stats show a significant number of visitors using that browser version, which is four versions behind the latest version of IE? It may not be something to be too worried about.

  3. wla
    Posted 1 year ago #

    That's true, but it shouldn't take any CSS tricks to get the columns right, even on IE8.
    The stats actually show that IE8 is actually the most commonly used version of IE. Perhaps that is in part a reflection of the audience for the site.

  4. I had a look at that page using IE8 and Windows 7 through Browserstack and I'm actually seeing the gallery images in two columns, not one. What operating system are you running?

    Are you using WordPress's built-in gallery functionality to create this gallery?

    As I mentioned earlier, Coraline is a modern responsive theme and unfortunately IE8 really isn't great at rendering sites built with mobile-first techniques.

    To rule out a theme-related issue, could you try switching to a default theme temporarily, like Twenty Thirteen or Twenty Twelve? You may need to reset any widgets or theme-specific options so you may want to make a note of them. Alternatively, you could set up a test site - always recommended in any case - and try it out there in IE8 instead.

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