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    Hey guys, wondering if i can get some help. Im trying to add galleries to my wordpress blog using the category function. That is when you add the relevant CSS/PHP to the loop in your index file you can insert all galleries under the category “gallery” that you create. An example of this can be seen on matt’s page.

    Heres what matt said about it :

    I put the intro text, and then the more page split, and the gallery shortcode after that. Here’s the snippet of my index template that does asides and the gallery posts:

    Obviously the category IDs need to match whatever you’re using. It’s the same technique I wrote about a few years ago for asides:

    On Asides

    I hope that helps! I’ll write more on my blog about this at some point.

    The problem is i cant get the code to work on my index.php file and im wondering if there is some wicked php’er out there that could help me.

    Matt sent me the snippet of the code from his index file so im hoping that someone knows how to add it to my index file to get it to work.

    Thanx everyone for taking the time.

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