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  • So I’m working on this site.

    As you see, there is a section on the right that shows examples of the artist’s work. This is made by using the WordPress 2.5 gallery feature. They login, browse to a Page entry called “Gallery” and add or delete a picture. End-users can then click on the image on the right and go to a detail page about that piece of work. This works great… but I need it to do more.

    What I want is when someone clicks on a picture on the right and it takes them to a detail page with a PayPal “buy now” button underneath the photo. That PayPal link would be auto-generated by the ID of the photo, with the “Description” of the photo becoming the price. That way the artist / site owners can simply type in a price in the Description area.

    Obviously, this may include hacking core files… but, my question is simply does anyone know how to do this?

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  • Any ideas?

    If I were you I would not use the gallery feature for the offered items right there or modify the <on-click …> tag in the gallery feature.

    Anyway, instead of simply uploading the pics for the gallery, you should upload every picture separately to give each item its own “posting”. That way, it will give you a link to refer to and where one is taken to when they click on the picture form the main paige.
    The ID-number of the posting could then be used by a self-written piece of PHP-code that puts the ID-number into the Paypal-code.
    The same can be done with the description.

    If you dont like the postings to appear in their respective categories in the sidebar, you simply take the <li”category-code”/li> out of your sidebar. Or alternatively hide categories with the use of a plugin.

    If you don’t want the site visitor to see many items in a single category, you simply give each item its own category.

    in WP, I think the best combo for online image selling type of thing would be NextGen Gallery and NextGen Gallery Buy Now function from WP E-Commerce.

    The 2nd plug-in is a commercial plug-in for $10 USD. I think it’s worth the money, even though it is a very simple code to incorporate this function.

    I have it on my site running an image library. Link here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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