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    After the latest update, gallery images are loading one-by-one when the desktop browser loads for the first time instead of as albums. The albums are seen only after the browser window is resized. Please help asap!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I’m having the same problem… the thumbnails do not show until the browser window is resized or scrolled (on mobile).

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    usually happens for script conflict (e.g. multiple jQuery).
    1. Try with default theme. If that works, you need to fix jQuery inclusion method on your theme or choose a different theme
    2. Disable other plugins and enable them one by one. Notice which one breaks it to detect the conflicting plugin

    It does work with a default theme. Turning off all the plugins doesn’t change anythin. It’s definitely a problem with the theme, however I deregistered jQuery and enqueued various different versions up to 3.3.0 with no luck.

    Any suggestions or suggested reading about tracking down and fixing conflicts?

    I fixed it. In my theme’s includes/js there was a file called bootstrap-wp.js. In that file the very first line of code was:


    I think this was intended to hide the site until the entire page loaded, then something else fades it in. Stupid theme tricks. I commented out that line and now it works as intended. Thank you!

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    Plugin Author afzal_du


    Great finding and fix!

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