• Hi there!

    I’m kind of a newbie for all this wordpress stuff.

    I’ve got two little questions:
    first is: I made a gallery in Lightroom. I’ve uploaded that, but I can’t find out how to make that gallery as a main gallery. I mean, when someone clicks on the gallery, there should be a gallery not a link for a gallery…

    the second one is kinda tricky: I found this site of Jana Morgan http://janamorgan.com/ … and I would like to make my site look just as minimal as it looks. how can I make this? please somebody help!

    thank you a million times!

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  • You find a theme that looks like what you want and buy or install it.

    thanks,but firstly i’m looking for a solution for my gallery problem.
    than, when i know how to make it, i’ll have time to think for the design.
    thank you!

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