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    I’ve got an issue with images that is baffling me. The response to clicking on images is not consistent.

    Some single images load a lightbox pop-up and then reclose with a click, which is what I want. Others load in the original window alone as an image, as if “View Image” were chosen in the right-click menu. That requires the Back button or key command to be used to return to the post.

    Galleries make the page reload to the individual post only, and then display a slideshow with arrows embedded in the post. Each arrow click reloads the whole post.

    I’ve tried various settings in Nextcellent and NextGen, the display is the same in both.

    What I had, and no longer works, is to display 640 x 480 thumbs in a column in the post, any one of which could be clicked to bring up a pop-up enlarged slide show.

    I know I must be missing something; the URL’s appear to be formed the same for single images which behave differently depending upon which post they are in.

    The most recent non-sticky post won’t respond because I got frustrated and did it with WP’s built-in media instead of Nextcellent.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    For an example of a single that won’t load in a pop-up, go to the large tortoise photo.

    For an example of how the gallery posts work, try the baby tortoise post.

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    After some further digging, it appears that the issue occurred for a range of posts, these likely posted at the same time that the tinyMCE issue was preventing the pop-up from displaying content.

    If I simply open them to edit them, the issue resolves.

    I do use W3TC, but have cleared it and the NCG cache several times.

    Consider this solved, and the failure examples now work.

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    I was wrong about the solution, but I found the possible real issue, because it popped up again, so to speak, when I revisited my site.

    Whenever any kind of infinite scroll is used (I tried several types and different themes), the Ajax-loaded subsequent posts do not display single images in a lightbox and galleries don’t work. In other words, NCG does not function in those posts.

    In Preview mode, when trying a theme in the WP Themes panel, those images have a forbidden cursor, circle with line through it.

    What made me think that I was fixing them is that I was manually loading the posts and sets of posts.

    I tried other themes and infinite scroll plugins, and still have them available if I can test something.

    The theme I am using is older, Picolight, and so is the infinite scroll plugin, I think it was the original of those, it doesn’t work with modern themes. So I downloaded new plugins and newer official WP themes to try as well. With the same result.

    So it doesn’t depend on the type of instigator or loader.

    When set for manual nav, the images and galleries display normally.

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