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    After updating NextGen, my galleries are not loading. When I click on the page to link to my album, all the gallery thumbnails show up, but when I click on a gallery nothing happens. I tried linking directly to the gallery instead of through the album and the same issue occurs. The gallery thumb nail appears, but when I click on it, nothing happens.

    I have deactivated all of my plugins and the issue still persists. This is not a JetPack issue for me as I’ve already deactivated it and the same problem continues. Is anyone else having a similar issue that isn’t Jetpack related since the upgrade?

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  • I got a quite similar problem. I can upload galleries and they display correctly. Uploading an album shows the overview of the album, including the thumbnail. But by clicking on the gallery I get an empty article.
    Anyone any ideas?

    I’m having the exact same issue, I noticed if I switch the theme they load. However I need to figure out what on my theme is causing this.

    I had the same problem and had to disable then delete Jetpack and 404 redirect plugins, the problems then went away.

    right, in my case it was also a jetpack problem (sorry kskwared). I deactivated zhe plugin and the album worked again. now i found sombody posting this:

    In file
    class.jetpack-post-images.php (jetpack plugin directory), replace line 254:
    $html = apply_filters( ‘the_content’, $html->post_content );
    $html = $html->post_content;

    Now it is working for my site.

    [UPDATE] I delete everything under my functions.php file, and now it is showing up. So, it is something with the functions file, now I need to debug what it is.

    I switched themes twice and that didn’t fix the issue. I finally just updated to WP 3.5, and ironically I now have the old version of Jetpack, not the new one causing all the problems, and the issue is still happening.

    I deactivated all plugins, but the galleries still don’t work. I haven’t tried completely deleting jetpack, but I’ll give that a shot tonight.

    @kaichen – I tried the fix that you mentioned, problem still happening. I’ve messed around with the formatting a bit, I can get all the photos to show up in thumb nails on a page (not ideal) but even then, if I try clickong on them, the page just reloads with out loading a larger image. My page is showing the gallery thumbnails in the album, but I get the same issue as you when I click them.

    I use godaddy for hosting and last week godaddy switched me to a Linux server (this is when I first noticed the problem) – this also coincided with the WP and Jetpack updates so I assumed the problem was related to one of those.

    All my other data transferred correctly, but does anyone know if maybe changing to the Linux server could have caused the issue and if so if there are any fixes?

    @gnr5 — did you delete the functions.php file in the NextGen plugin or in the jetpack plugin?


    This works, great! I hope the Jetpack-Developers will correct this bug with the next update.

    hey guys, i have similar problem, cant display newly created galleries or images into posts via nextGen gallery slider not even displaying any thumbnails in the back end of nextgen gallery…..serious issues…please help im not using any jet pack or so many plugins…im using Dzonia lite theme for my website….although it is displaying old images fine using same process but not new ones…not even via media up-loader of new wp 3.5

    i have following installed
    WP 3.5
    Mysql 5.5
    PHP 5.3.16

    Thesme used Dzonia light

    Nextgengallery 1.9.10
    nextgen scroll galrry 1.8.1
    Contact Form 7 3.3.2
    Better Tag Cloud 0.99.5
    My Twitter Widget 1.3.4
    Tried everything as said above…but still not working

    help please

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hey everyone,

    Would you all mind downloading and installing our most recent Beta (found here) and let us know if this issue persists or if its resolved?

    If the issue persists for you, please submit your bug report here, with temp. login credentials so we can dig deeper into why this is happening for some users but not all. Also, please include in your bug report if the issue persists with all plugins deactivated except NextGEN Gallery > browser cache cleared and site refreshed. Also, try switching to WordPress Default Theme. One other thing to try is disabling all browser plugins/extensions.


    Photocrati, as I mentioned in the thread over on the Jetpack forum, I installed 1.9.11-beta, but when doing so my galleries and albums went away.

    The folder wp-content/gallery is still there, but since I uploaded the 11-beta the nextgen plugin can’t find the galleries and albums.

    Is there some kind of pointer file or something? I backed up all my 1.9.10 files before upgrading to the beta.

    Please help. What do I need to do to be able to re-access my galleries and albums?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @netbros – when you installed the Beta did you refresh the 1.9.10 NGG files via FTP or did you install the Beta as a new plugin and deactivated 1.9.10 version? Also, when you go to Manage Galleries area, do you see your galleries or are they all gone? Sounds like the Beta may have been installed incorrectly, and I’m wondering if the plugin was reinstalled from scratch (only 1 copy of the plugin installed to the site) if that would resolve this. Keep the ‘gallery’ folder as it is under the /wp-content directory, don’t remove it. Just remove the copy of your NGG plugin and then reupload it and activate it through WP Dashboard.

    As always, make sure you do a full backup of your site before making any major changes like this, just in case something goes awry.

    @photocrati I attempted to install the beta over top of 1.9.10, but the install failed saying that NGG already existed. So, I deactivated 1.9.10, FTPed the wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/ folder to my computer, removed 1.9.10, then fresh installed the beta.

    The beta did not find any of my galleries or albums, so I removed the beta, FTPed 1.9.10 back up to the site and reactivated 1.9.10. However, 1.9.10 could not find the galleries or albums either.

    Can I recover the paths or pointers to the galleries and albums?

    @photocrati I guess my question is this:

    The gallery and album information, names, descriptions, captions, and pointers to the appropriate sub-directories in wp-content/gallery/

    Is all of that contained in a flat file that can be restored by my web host back to before I installed the beta, or

    Is all of that contained in the WordPress MySQL database?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @netbros – Thank you for sending in your bug report with your beta test results. We just emailed you for login info so we can take a closer look at your site.

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