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  • Help please! I’m using the Village Theme and their support has gone quiet. I updated to 3.5 without backing up (1st time I know it was daft) – and now I can no longer add images to my galleries.
    It looks like they’re working but after uplaod, you get the little white square with the X in on the gallery admin page so it’s not as if the upload works but they don’t display, I simply can’t add media.
    Does anyone know how to get round this?

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  • Edit:

    Actually, it’s the generation of the thumbnails that’s broken, if you click on the white box in the gallery, it will actually open up the image after all, but the gallery doesn’t show it has uploaded successfully. Very confused now.

    Having the same issue. It seems like what changed in the update was the way the system associates images with a post or page. Consider the following:

    -Images are still there in the uploads – they just don’t show up as “attached” to the page
    -The gallery code that was generated prior to the recent 3.5.1 update was simple, such as [gallery cols="4"] or something like that
    -Galleries work, but the default behavior is to use ids and not attach photos to a particular page.

    Nonetheless, I’m dealing with several broken galleries and would like to be able to fix this problem without having to manually go and redo EACH one.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer advice on this issue we both are experiencing.

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    Rainymonday, where did you get your theme from?

    Tiga. It came from searching WordPress.

    Viewing the source of the page, the gallery div isn’t even created.

    The issue happened after a WPMU network update. All dashboards became slow. I found a fix on another forum to run on any slow site to trigger a database update. After running this file, the dashboard is no longer slow, but images become disassociated with pages, and all galleries break.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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