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  • I moved my blog to a new platform using the export function (no sql dump). After that, none of my [gallery link="file"] is working. No galleries shows.

    Since the move is a while ago I can’t clone the sql (many new blogposts and changes to my blog) but I understand that the problem must be in there! I have my old sql saved. Is anyone familiar with the problem and how I solve it?


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  • Did you actually migrated the images from blogger to WP?
    You might consider using a plugin like Remote Images Grabber for that purpose (not tested with the latest WP though).This topic could also be useful.

    I haven’t been using blogger at all. I just moved my wordpress blogg through the export function and uploaded the files through ftp.
    All images was exported besides the images used in the gallery using the [gallery link="file"]

    Thank you for your reply!

    Is the new site on the same server? Are the images still linked to the old site (check!)?
    Velvet Blues Update URLs has solved a lot of similar problems in the past.

    The blog is on a whole new server. Where do I check if the images are linked? They arent using an img src html tag just uploaded through the uploader and then inserted with the gallery tag.

    Can you post the URL of your new site ?

    This is an entry where I have the gallery file images inserted:
    As you can see there are no images appearing and when I check the entry in visual editor I see the gallery box but no images is found uploaded.

    Does this happen with the default theme (2013) activated and with all plugins disabled ?
    BTW, all the images are stored on

    Yes, still happens then.

    Yes I know but the were gone even before the w3 plugin was activated.

    Where does the gallery file are supposed to be displayed on the test page you posted ? I have checked with my browser in debug mode, and there is no error on the page, like if the gallery HTML code was not generated at all or if it was working fine.

    It was located at the bottom of the post as thumbnails. This is not the only post, there are probably hundred entries with dissappeared galleries and this must have to do with that the SQL database wasn’t copied and moved.

    the export function seems to export the content of the SQL database, but clearly doesn’t export any multimedia file. I just checked on my own site, and it seems to work. I can see the attachment into the XML file generated. The way you access your file could be the root cause of your issue:

    [gallery link="file"]

    Can you provide me an example of “file” value on your post example. I suspect that this is a permalink to a file ? If this is an ID, there could be some mismatch, if this is a permalink, then the file access is probably wrong which could explain why the shortcode is not responsive at all (looking at your page example, the shortcode doesn’t generate any HTML output).


    The gallery insert function has changed since WP 3.5 or 3.6.
    When I uploaded photos and then created the gallery this was the gallery shortcode created and inserted in the post. After that the thumbnails showed up fine and was linked to a larger image (I used lightbox to display the photo.)
    Now, when uploading photos and creating a gallery I get this short code: [gallery ids="31576,31575,31574,31567"] (ID examples)

    All galleries created before the move to a new server aren’t showing anymore and they all used that gallery short code.

    From a developer perspective the new way it is implemented seems better, as it does refer to the attachement ID of each pictures into the database and doesn’t need an additionnal structure to handle the gallery, this is even cleaner for a user as he can easily modify the gallery. From a user perspective this seems to be frustrating as the migration means modification of each gallery. Which WP version are you running ? I am running 3 sites, 2 with 3.3 and one with 3.6 (which is used for testing). When you ran your export this was from an “old” version to 3.6 ?

    Anyway, just between us, I am using NextGen Gallery which is more “stable”

    i’m using 3.6 but was using 3.5 when moved to a new 3.5 installation.

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