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    i have a galery within a page, made with image-galery widget but it seems to be not responsive! four pictures in a row and theire getting smaller and smaller on mobile phone till they hardly can be identified or clicked.

    bug or feature???

    in other words: how to make galery responsive and thumbs getting rearranged on smaller devices?

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  • Plugin Contributor yehudah



    We use WordPress builtin gallery with his style.

    I have tested the responsive with thumbnail size and the image still clear, but still it’s WordPress gallery so if you have it good in posts
    it should be good in Elementor.

    supposed this is wp-gallery… but thats NOT responsive, right? (only getting smaller on mobile, but not rearranging the thumbs)
    so i do have to use another gallery if i want to have that?

    Plugin Contributor yehudah


    We use the built in WordPress gallery, your theme have to make the proper adapt so you will get the proper result.



    Same problem as mine. Gallery content is not properly fixed in responsive.

    @yehudah …hmmm.
    sorry, but i dont think its a theme problem. the theme i am using is fully responsive and does its job perfectly – with the exception of the (included native wordpress) gallery.

    tested with external gallery-plugin and got a perfekt result:
    only disadvantage: you have to deal with ugly shortcodes again.

    native wordpress gallery was a pain in the ass many times before, so i dont think its a good idea to use this in elementor.
    apart from that, a builder with the qualities of elementor deserves a better gallery included…
    – fully responsive
    – options for gaps
    – alignung options (grid, masonry, …)
    – link target options
    – buildt in lightbox

    THAT would be a real charming solution! :-))

    Plugin Contributor yehudah



    I didn’t say it’s a theme problem, I sad the theme need to adapt to get the result you want with a bit off CSS coding.

    We use WordPress gallery and that how it works,
    But we took your issue and feedback to our attention.

    cc: @arielk

    ahhh! sorry.

    so i think i completely missunderstood you. different language sometimes leads to this 🙂

    but – i am staying on that what i claimed before:
    you really cant have a builder of that power and use the native wp gallery and have to ‘adapt’ the theme with css coding. (in my opinion)
    regardless the fact that i am just too lazy to look how this is correctly done every time i am facing something like this… 😉

    some things are elementary to me for a builder – and this is one thing among them (besides post grids and template management)!

    but elementor is still young and promising with much room to expand! and i am full of hope you will do the job and get over the competitors :-).
    i dont think you can beat VC and others only with speed, lack of shortcodes and lightweight on the long run (although its a BIG advantage), you also have to have features that can compete with them!?

    by the way – thats no criticism to you!
    the start is that great and expectations are high – you yourself promote your builder in that way. so all i want to do is to give my contribution to bring it towards the target we’re aiming at.
    and if there is a pro version in some near future i will buy it regardless if i really need it or not, even if the only reason is to honor that project!

    all in all – thumbs up again. for your support as well as for the rest!

    Plugin Contributor yehudah



    We have made the adapt and it will be included in future release:

    you’re king!

    …with options and lightbox???

    looking forward to it. :-))

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