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    I have installed the latest version (4.9.6) of GADWP on my wordpress website. Since I have updated the plugin to latest version I am not getting correct reports of ‘Yesterday’ traffic. When I will monitor the report today, the plugin will display the correct traffic but when I will log in tomorrow the report shows a drastic decrease in traffic after 10 am and after 4 pm the traffic is shown as zero until midnight.I know, this is not the correct report as when I monitor the traffic in real time I get to see the users.

    Can you please help me in resolving this problem?

    Warm Regards,

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    UPDATE: I just remembered – I did update the URL from http to https on the Analytics web site just before this issue started, so I re-authorised the plug-in. Let’s see how it goes.

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    yesterday stats is to 12 a.m and after it there is no stat

    @ljmac and others: can you post the value of [ga_dash_profile_list] -> [4] from Errors & Debug -> Plugin Settings screen and tell me your real timezone.

    Also please check and let me know if the right time zone is selected in your Google Analytics account under your View settings (Time zone country or territory value).

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    Google introduced the Google Analytics 360 Suite these days. May be the ‘yesterday option’ is not fully supported anymore? Perhaps only in the new payed accounts?

    In my case it was normally set to Europe/Berlin (DE). Yesterday and the day before I recognized that the traffic per hour was shown until 5 o`clock (pm), nothing more.
    The corresponding Google Accounts were showing the same. Strange…

    Today – well, may be it’s too late for me tonight, but today it doesn’t look very promising what I found in Google Analytics (Standard) accounts. For example the traffic per hour seems not to be available anymore. It now seems to be aggregated like it is done for all the other days (in periodical views). Will have a deeper look tomorrow…

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    The time zone – both in the Google Analytics site and in your plug-in – is set to [4] => -18000 ([5] => America/New_York). This is so it matches my server stats, which is on New York time. My blog itself is on UTC, and my local time is Australia/Brisbane. None of these settings have changed recently.

    Just an update: re-authorising the plug-in made no difference – the last three hours of stats are still truncated. I remain of the opinion that there is an issue with Google’s API, at least with some time zones.

    Good news update: Data is back in Google Analytics. Clearing the cache in WP Dashboard Analytics helps now to refresh the missing plugin data even in WP.

    Hi all,

    I did some testing and these inconsistencies are the result of data being sampled. For now, I’ve switched the sampling rate to a higher precision. Please update to latest version, which is, and see how it goes.

    Most probably GADWP 5.0 will display the percentage of sessions that were used for the report, to let users know that they are dealing with a report based on sampled data. In addition, the plugin won’t cache reports with a percentage lower than a reasonable value, to allow repeated refreshes during the day.

    For details about sampled data see

    Please continue to post updates here. Your feedback will help us on the development of GADWP 5.0.

    Thank you all, you’re great!

    I tried clearing the cache just before midnight without re-laoding the widget today, and I got a full day’s worth of stats. I’ll just let it run as normal tomorrow and see what happens – if it fails again I’ll try the latest version.

    BTW, would it be possible to allow the user to switch off forcing analytics.js over SSL so I can use the latest version with Safari 5?

    Problem fixed in new update.
    Thank you

    Hmmm… New day, new plugin version, same problem: 7 hours missing (deleting the cache doesn’t help). But I guess the data will be updated within the next 7 hours. 😉

    Problem still remains

    I haven’t updated the plug-in, but for me clearing the cache immediately before midnight the day before yesterday appears to have resolved the issue: I just let it run as normal today, and I got a full day of stats.

    Data was gone after midnight (impressions were cut 7 hours before in the graph). As predicted before it meanwhile came back. It was necessary to delete the cache again to refresh the graph.

    It looks like a ‘7 hour time lag problem’. (US time vs. German time?) Not sure if it takes exactly 7 hours (here) until the data can be refreshed.

    @fob you’re dealing with a different problem, unrelated to above issue (data sampling). You need to check the timezone in your Google Analytics account and after making the appropriate changes to clear the authorization and reauthorize.

    Any of you seeing zero for a couple of hours on yesterday stats is dealing with the same issue, unrelated to data sampling.

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