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    With the latest plugin update, my PageSpeed score went from 99% to 100%, but my requests went from 23 to 26.

    Within the plugin, I have all options selected, except for disable revisions, which I control in other ways.

    1: I’m not seeing Real Time GA data either.

    2: On the 3 sites I have the plugin installed on with GA settings defined, I noticed a 30-50% reduction in traffic. It might not be related to the plugin. I can’t tell.

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    at least you keep me busy 🙂
    Will find a fix and push out,

    thanks again for the feedback

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    @ryanllogan, i am getting 1 extra request with GA active, here are my tests from this morning:

    Clean install, no plugins active at all
    417kb, 14 requests

    WP Disable active, nothing selected
    418kb, 14 requests
    no effect at all

    Disable Emojis, Embed, Gravatr – reduced by 2 requests and 16KB
    402kb, 12 requests
    so this is correct

    All Settings active:
    401kb, 12 requests
    ,no difference here, so correct again

    Using GA Code in Footer
    431KB, 13 requests

    size increase by 30kb, & 1 Requests increase (I can see the request in waterfall which is correct)

    Any chance you can PM me the site so I can look in more detail for you, it maybe something else causing the increase

    @coffeehero still looking into the realtime issue

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    @coffehero, i have just finished a realtime test from 20 locations using hola browser for VPN generation, every visit was tracked, is the reduction not possible because of easter, can you compare to last year or previous years and see if there was a similar drop ?

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    Thanks for the offer. I’ll keep an eye on this plugin. For now, I need to move forward with GA working. Also, I’m not seeing any gains on the optimization side. Keep up the good work.

    I have WP-Disable running fully with GA settings on 3 sites now. 2 sites have a 50% reduction in traffic. 1 site is the same. I checked other holidays and did not see a reduction in traffic.

    I will continue to monitor.

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    @coffeehero just checking what its like now for you

    Site 1: Traffic dropped 50% from April 13-17, but April 18-20 has resumed normal levels.

    Site 2: Traffic dropped 70% from April 13-18, but April 19-20 has resumed normal levels.

    Site 3: Traffic never dropped.

    Site 4: Not using GA feature. Traffic remained the same.

    So I say it looks like everything is fine now. Thank you.

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    if it starts again or you notice anything else, please open a new ticket

    new features coming in the next week 🙂

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