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    Hi support,

    I have an issue and was wondering if you guys can help me with. Basically, I was informed today that my latest post wasn’t comment enabled.

    I checked through and plugin, Comment Evolved (showing G+ comments only) isn’t showing at all.

    Funny thing is, this happens to my latest post only (

    The rest of my posts are okay. So, I am wondering if there’s something happened etc. I remember everything was okay yesterday and no changes done.

    It is weird as it happens to one article only.

    Please advise (really sorry for disturbing).

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  • Add on: I managed to ‘force’ it to show up by adding a WP comment and disable it back. But, is there a way to solve this?

    Solved 🙂

    How did you resolve this?

    I have the same issue – all the G+ comments my posts earn in a day are not visible the next day?


    There’s a few thing you need to check.

    1. Did you disable WP comment? If you are using Comment Evolved plugin, it tend to not ‘show up’ when you disable WP comment.
    2. If the comments are missing, can you locate any of those on G+? This is because if it gets deleted from G+, it will be deleted by default on your blog too.

    Hope this helps!


    Thanks for the quick response!

    When I publish a post on my blog and then share the link on G+ I get comments, +1s etc. working fine and exactly as you would expect.

    But then the next day when I view the same blog post they’re not visible in Comments Evolved box but the engagement is still visible on G+

    Strangely I just made an edit to the same post, saved, viewed post and the G+ comments were visible again. Then refreshed the page, and they’ve gone again.

    Not sure what could be causing this but there’s definitely an issue. Hmm.

    I’m really happy with Comments Evolved apart from this issue, hope the developer can chime in with a solution.

    BTW, have you tested any other G+ plugins?


    I’ve installed this plug in and all the G+ comments earned yesterday are now showing again.

    So the issue i am having is definitely related to Comments Evolved – which is a shame as I think it has more potential.

    I will update this post, if I get my issue resolved.

    Thanks again for your time.

    It would seem the issue is random and only occurs when I am logged in to my blog.

    When viewing on another browser, logged out, the comments appear.

    So for me there is a bug in the plugin for when I am logged in but on the frontend it seems to be working fine.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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