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    FYI (and this isn’t on CMB2 but on the other plugin), that there’s a conflict between Simple Custom CSS and JS (which is a pretty common dev plugin which is why I’m mentioning) and the newest CMB2. Custom CSS and JS is no stranger to plugin conflicts, and I let them know. Will update this ticket when they’ve fixed things.

    On a somewhat related note, I did have a question. I am unable to programmatically change “none” to a different name for the dropdown field. I targeted the heck out of it with jquery, but it just ain’t happening.

    Do you happen to know the secret sauce on this one? thanks

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  • Update- definitely think the onus might fall on CMB2 for the CSS/JS thing. It appears the update is blocking any CSS and JS applications on the admin side. In other words, the screens to add/modify CSS or JS in plugins on the admin screen are not present for any CSS/JS plugin that I just tried it with.

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    Can you provide more information? Are you seeing notices/warnings/errors in your error log? Are you seeing javascript errors in the console? Also, I’m not familiar with the plugins you are referring to. Can you link them here?

    Just ran debug and nothing came up. I literally only use three plugins (CMB2, your brilliant Post Type/Tax UI and Simple Custom CSS/JS), so it was pretty easy to figure out the bad combo.

    The best way I could describe it is that functions and screens just aren’t appearing for those plugins. The common link is among them is they all allow you to add/test CSS and (more importantly) JS via an admin screen interface to work out the kinks. For example, with “Custom CSS and Javascript”, the CSS and JS interface screens have disappeared. For “Simple Custom CSS/JS”, the screens are visible, but most functionality is gone.

    Here is the more used one (I’m using Pro but they have a free version WP as well) –

    Here’s another one-

    Note that this is a pretty common issue with this sort of plugin, because of its nature. They have to use sort of hack-y methods to bring it to the admin screen, so this stuff happens.

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    Ok, the obligatory follow-up questions:

    • If you deactivate CMB2, do things return to normal?
    • If roll back CMB2, do things return to normal?
    • If you use the free version, do you get the same error? (I don’t fancy buying a plugin just to confirm it conflicts)
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    Just saw you released 4.1. This resolved the aforementioned issue.

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    Ok great. Thanks

    Marking it as resolved but if you have an answer to my “replace the term ‘none'” question, cool. If not, I’ll figure it out.

    For anyone reading this in the my future or your present (as opposed to reading it in the past), ‘show_option_none’ isn’t binary. At least not for taxonomy select at this moment in time with this version of WP (4.9.6) and this version of CMB2 (4.1) with the winds blowing from the northwest at 10 mph. WordPress is a cruel mistress, so it might not work for you.

    ‘show_option_none’ => ‘you can enter placeholder text here’

    On a related note, using MustardBee’s awesome Select2 CMB2 field (see: Github), you can add a placeholder to the Select2 field using the “desc” field parameter. I found this out on accident. It even works when you are using the Select2 field purely to enter tags, as opposed to having existing values to choose from.

    One last thing related to MustardBees, a common problem is that a taxonomy’s output is the ID (and any output that’s an array with more than one value is not comma separated). I provide code to resolve both of these things in the issues section for that plugin.

    disregard my ‘show_option_none’ => part of the above. It just makes it an option. Duh.

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