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    I currently have my posts populated with vimeo videos embedded with FV Flowplayer and they all seemed to be working fine when testing in WPMobile app but recently the videos won’t load (constantly stuck loading) on android. The videos still load fine when testing on an iphone or in the preview mode within the WPMobile WordPress plugin, which made me think the problem wasn’t with FV Flowplayer.
    I’m not convinced that the problem is with WPMobile but I was hoping you might be able to help me rule out any issues at your end?
    Could I possibly send you a secure login somehow for you to have a look?

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    Send me a link to reproduce the problem and I’ll check 😉

    You’ll need to open the wpmobile test app on an android device to reproduce the problem
    Is there a secure way of sending my login for the app?
    Here is a link to one of the pages with a video:

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    Just tested and it work fine on a browser but not on the app or an Android mobile browser.

    You should ask flowplayer or vimeo.

    Also when clicking play, the script try to load a non existant video:

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    Thanks for checking it out. The video probably seemed non existent because it is private in vimeo but FV Flowplayer can still play it.

    I’ve been trying to get their help in finding why the player stopped working in WPMobile android tests and they’re wanting to run a debug to find the source.

    Are you able to help answer any of these questions they’ve asked me?
    How does WPMobile handle wp_enqueue_script()? What about wp_localize_script? Will a typical plugin which uses these calls in wp_footer work fine in the app?

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    The Native theme enqueue script like any other WordPress theme and doesnt interfere with the other theme option.

    So I’m having no trouble viewing these videos an Android mobile browser it is only through WPMobile app.

    I’ve even tried running the videos through an apppresser demo on android phone and this also loads the videos.

    Would it be possible for you to have a closer look at my app and see if there is any conflict loading the videos within WPMobile.App on an android?

    Would it help if I send you my login credentials through a private link somehow?

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    This is a user-agent problem.

    The app have this user-agent: WPMobile.App – Android

    Even if I load the website with this user-agent without loading the app interface I get this error:
    html5: Unsupported video format. Try installing Adobe Flash.

    html5 is supported in the app and Adobe Flash is useless now, this is a problem on the Flowplayer plugin..

    is that the full user agent string of the WPMobile app?

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    Yes. WPMobile.App - Android or WPMobile.App - iOS

    Hi, after a lengthy discussion with the FV Player developers I’m still having trouble with videos loading.

    Do you offer any extra (paid) support? I’m not a developer and really don’t have enough knowledge of user-agents or coding to troubleshoot this problem on my own. I understand that its most likely not a problem with WPMobile plugin but I’m hoping that you could at least identify what is preventing the video from loading within the WPMobile Android apptest environment? I can’t understand why the videos are loading within the iOS test environment but not the android? particularly when they were working in both environments only a few months ago.

    This is the latest from my discussion with FV Player:

    FV PLAYER: we tried to add some code to detect WPMobile app user agent iOS or Android. Please reinstall FV Player and let us know if it helped.

    ME: Thanks very much
    Unfortunately I’ve uploaded the zip file and activated but the problem still remains 🙁

    FV PLAYER: WPMobile Plugin developer said: “The app have this user-agent: WPMobile.App – Android Even if I load the website with this user-agent without loading the app interface I get this error: html5: Unsupported video format. Try installing Adobe Flash.”
    So that’s the issue which I was fixing and it did help. Please try to use that “WPMobile.App – Android” to play the video on https://foliovision.com/ and let us know if it won’t work for you. If you are not sure about the user agent change, you can kindly ask WPMobile developer to have a look again. Perhaps he will have another hint too.

    The FV Flowplayer developers are still having trouble finding the isssue with their plugin and have asked if I can get some information from you to help them.

    Could you please tell me:

    Q1) What web view does that app use to show the website? What would be its user agent if it wouldn’t be changed to WPMobile on?

    Q2) Is there a way of enabling the remote debugging for the web view using Chrome or anything else?

    Q3) Does it process the JavaScript files in any way? I mean any optimization, minification or compression.

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    Q1) The classic android webview (android.webkit.WebView)
    User agent is something like that: https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/user-agent#webview_user_agent

    Q2) You can debug on Chrome desktop, same error:
    1- open this url http://2afntv2.afntv.com.au/video/afn-fishing-show-episode-13/
    2- open the console and click the “mobile mode button” on top right
    3- reload the page
    4- I always got the “unsupported video format”

    Q3) No

    Hello AmauriC,

    Q1) That link refers to Android 4 and 5, so it show really old Chrome versions – 30 and 43. But previously you said it’s using “WPMobile.App – Android”. When I use that, I can see that the device detection in Flowplayer fails and it ends up showing the loading indicator forever. So is that the actual user agent string used by the app?

    Could it be improved to include the Android version, like “WPMobile.App – Android 7.0”


    Hi AmauriC,

    Does this make any sense what Martin is asking?
    Is it possible to do?


    Plugin Author AmauriC



    Yes, it’s possible to add the version on the user agent but are you sure it will fix the issue?

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