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  • Hi, I just added Recent Comments to my right sidebar. I have Recent Posts in my left side bar. But now, Recent Comments shows up again in the left bar under Recent Posts – duplicating the comments.

    I know that wp_meta makes the call, but how can I use both plugins – but only one one each sidebar?

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  • All wp_meta does is provide a hook to run plugin function calls off of. So one way to *fix* this is to locate in this Recent Posts plugin where it performs the add_action for wp_meta, like so:

    add_action('wp_meta', 'plugin_function_name');

    Then in your sidebar template swap out the call to the wp_meta() function with the one the plugin is passing. Alternatively (if you want to keep wp_meta working for you), you can remove or comment out the add_action in the Recent Comments plugin.

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