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  1. Brian Harris
    Posted 7 years ago #

    This one is for the development team and a long shot.

    Would it be posible to incooperate the following futures into wordpress for the next or subsequent release?

    When a new version is release a messgae to upgrade appears in the admin dashboard - Great!

    Request 1: On clicking the automatic upgrade the next screen has a message to backup with links off to a backup plugin - would it be posible for that link to innitiate the backup instead? - This would require a backup facility intergrated with WP instead of the plugin.

    Request 2: Would it be posible to then instruct WP auto-upgrade to check if plugins have been deactivated and if not prompt the admin to do so before proceeding with the upgrade? - at this point WP should coded not to proceed until it is satisfied there are no plugins in the activated status.

    Like I said its a long shot but will save a lot of hastle for a lot of falks in the future.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    P.S: To moderators; If this post is the wrong place please feel free to move it to the right section - thanks.

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