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  • I am looking for a method to separate images that are inserted into posts from formatting.

    The goal is to have the flexibility to change the site layout in the future without having to manually adjust all the image dimensions in all posts. Another bonus would be to easily format images for the medium i.e. iPad, iPhone etc.

    In a nut shell I am looking for the wordpress equivilant to the Symphony CMS concept behind images.

    Manipulate images on the fly
    Dynamically generate resized or cropped versions of your images simply by using a specially-formed src URL. Need a 100×100 thumbnail? <img src=”/image/1/100/100/path/to/image.jpg” />. Need to bump it to 150 a few weeks later? Just change the URL and Symphony does the rest, including caching. Oh, and it works on external images too.

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  • Really? No advice?

    Use CSS to resize your images?

    Yes, perhaps that is the simple way of doing, but that would mean that the images would all have to be very large, increasing load time, especially for mobile devices. So actually it is not suitable at all.
    It needs to be a solution that can create the right sized images depending on the situation.

    I see this problem being a major flaw for wordpress going into the next five years, especially since the web is moving across a huge array of different devices and a faster and faster rate.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Am I using incorrect terminology? Or is every body in the wordpress community happy to manually reembed all post images if they decide to redesign or reformat their site for other display devices?

    Surely someone must have a workable solution for this issue?

    I have found a good start for the solution.

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