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  • After I finish an entry, I change to a future date, make sure the edit timestamp box is checked, then hit publish. The post does not appear in my Manage Posts page and does not appear in the Dashboard. But the post DOES show up on my website at the scheduled time.

    I did an experiment where I posted with the time stamped one minute in the future. The post did not appear on my Manage Files, did not appear on Dashboard, and did not appear on my website. Then, one minute later, it posted to my website, then showed up as a recent post on my Manage page and Dashboard.

    I would love to see which posts are scheduled for future posting and be able to edit them. Any ideas as to what’s happening here?

    Thanks so much!

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  • My wife is experiencing the same troubles with a blog she runs. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions/fixes?

    One additional note. When she publishes the future post her account is logged out. She then signs back in and, as the original post describes, the future post is nowhere to be seen. Why would her account be logged out?

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