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  • I’ve been asked to resolve the following problem on an installation of 2.0.1: When the author writes a post and edits the timestamp for future release, the post “disappears” from his dashboard. There is no area for Scheduled or Future or Post Saved or anything like that in his dashboard. There is no “future” status in the database.

    I can go into the database through PHPMyAdmin, find the post, and manually set its status from Published to Draft. It then shows up as a draft post in the dashboard, but it will not automatically go live at the requested time.

    His server is running PHP 4.3.10 with Zend v1.3.0 and Apache/1.3.34 (Unix) mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 mod_perl/1.26 .

    Is this a server issue or a version issue? Will upgrading to 2.3.1 help, or is it the webhost?

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  • I think WordPress does a much better job with the whole publishing of future posts thingy with the current version (though there is an issue with tag and category counts being updated when future posts are published).

    Backup your files. Backup your database. Take the plunge and upgrade to 2.3.1

    WordPress Backups
    Upgrading WordPress Extended

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    2.0.1 did not work the same way that 2.3.1 does for future posts.

    The “future” status is new, it did not exist in 2.0.1.
    The pending posts in the dashboard is also new.

    Basically, publishing a post in 2.0 actually published it, it just left the future timestamp on it. It then would show up at the right time because the database query included the current time as part of the query. This was less than optimal for the database caching, so this was changed in 2.2 or something like that.

    In other words, if he wants those new features, upgrade him. You can’t get them in 2.0.

    I have recently upgraded my client to 2.3.1 and the only fields available under the status drop down are any, published, and draft. No Future (or scheduled) posts can be found. When given a time stamp they seem to dissappear.

    We don’t know if the posts are going to publish, and there’s no way to back them out or edit them.

    It’s function we’d really like to enjoy. Ideas?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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